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Thursday, October 2, 2008

TV: JJ Abram's Fringe on TV3

More new TV for this fall season, or whatever they call it stateside. The new program from Lost producer JJ Abrams was well advertised on TV3. I didn't know quite what to expect from the ads, but it made me watch nonetheless. I'm not a Lost fan, so it wasn't just because of the bandwagon. But now that I'm on this wagon, I think I'll stay a while.

The first episode was clever, filled with scientific terms I don't understand, had a decent underrated cast, and even used a doppelganger. Which is a wonderful plot device, as Stanley Kubrick well knew. And for TV addicts out there, Cedric from The Wire is a prominent character. Well, the actor anyway.

Plus Pacey Witter is back talking at a hundred-miles a second. For a pilot episode (albeit a very expensive one), it was very good and now that I'm old enough to appreciate an X-Files-like show, it could be regular viewing on a Wednesday night.

Oh and one other thing. I wasn't a fan of the way the locations were written. Of course that was where your man lived, there's big bloody letters floating outside!

Anyone else watch it?

1 comment:

red said...

I've seen a couple of episodes but I'm not all that into it. It kind of reminds me of the xfiles and I wasn't really a fan of that either.