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Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogs What I Like: Lego 365

Lego a day. Oh God I love Lego. I even got Lego for Christmas from my brother. The Batmobile. Fuck yeah!

Anyhow, this guy (Dan, a really nice guy - he's beaten me in photography competitions before) takes a photo of a legoman each day. Brings me back:


GearĂ³id said...

Cheers for posting this link. As an aspiring photographer myself, I'm in awe of people that come up with such great ideas, and execute them so perfectly.

You said in your post, that he's beaten you in photo comps before, so what do you shoot?

Anyway, cool blog.


Ronan said...

Nothing major. Just competitions on a message board we both use. I'm just an amateur. He always enters it, and is consistently good (as are many of the other competitors), I on the other hand, just shot a few times and entered for the sake of it.