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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Album News: Brad Mehldau - Highway Rider

Brad Mehldau and super-producer Jon Brion last teamed up on 2002's excellent Largo, but are back in 2010 with a double album.

The album features performances by Mehldau’s trio — drummer Jeff Ballard and bassist Larry Grenadier — as well as drummer Matt Chamberlain, saxophonist Joshua Redman, and a chamber orchestra led by Dan Coleman.

It'll be fifteen songs in length, split over two discs, and will be released on March 16th on Nonesuch. (March 12th in Ireland)

1.01 John Boy 3:11
1.02 Don't Be Sad 8:35
1.03 At the Tollbooth 1:06
1.04 Highway Rider 7:42
1.05 The Falcon Will Fly Again 8:17
1.06 Now You Must Climb Alone 4:06
1.07 Walking the Peak 8:00
2.01 We'll Cross the River Together 12:23
2.02 Capriccio 5:16
2.03 Sky Turning Grey (For Elliott Smith) 6:20
2.04 Into the City 7:34
2.05 Old West 8:24
2.06 Come with Me 6:15
2.07 Always Departing 6:21
2.08 Always Returning 9:52
3.01 Bonus Download: Highway Rider (commentary & demo) 9:34

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