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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Album News: The Walpurgis Family - Midsummer Party

Midsummer Party is the debut album from the bastard child of Groom, The Walpurgis Family. It's due for release this weekend with a special launch party at Bewley's Cafe Theatre on Friday, the 21st of May. Support for the release party comes from Jonny Fun and The... Hesitations and Mumblin' Deaf Ro.

The Walpurgis Family are made up of 3/5ths of Groom, and make equally melodic songs. Their press release compares them to Wilco and Yo La Tengo, and it's not half wrong. Midsummer Party is a lightning burst of an album, at only 27 minutes, it's full of quick fist-pounding tunes.

They'll also be playing Whelan's on June 19th as part of the Popical Island Collective.

The Walpurgis Family - 'Output One Two'
The Walpurgis Family - 'Lost in Public Transportation'

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