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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live: AC/DC at the O2

Will it never end? More pointless acts announced for a "Point"-less arena. God I am a genius sometimes. What's with all this AC/DC furore? They were only half-decent in the first place. First New Kids on the Block. Now this? I just don't get it. That said, it'll still probably sell out.

Watch 'Thunderstruck' live at Donnington:


AndyB29 said...

That has to be the most ridiculous piece of rubbish I've ever read in my entire life coming from a music critic or whoever ur meant to be! AC\DC are arguably the greatest hard rock act there's ever been, that have sold over 200 million albums worldwide, that are the inspiration for so many of todays ''rock'' bands, that are currently breaking records for the sell out times of the new tour across the world (in reference to ur ''past it'' jibe) and who like me would probably almost laugh themselves to death at ur comment. Obviously you are one of those ''critics'' who only support the bands these days that come and go after one, maybe two albums if we're lucky and are all radio friendly with as much talent between the band members as there is inolved in playing the triangle! Find something to comment on that you actually know about!

Ronan said...

I said they were half-decent. And I'll stick to it. Music criticism is about having an opinion. If everyone had the same opinion, then there wouldn't be a need for new bands. Or does nothing that came after 1990 count as music?