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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Album News: Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware

And we're back for 2009. That was a nice few day's break down visiting the in-laws. Now it's over, it's back to blogging!

Will Oldham is set to release another record (not long after his last), under his Bonnie 'Prince' Billy guise. It's called Beware, and will be released March 13th in Ireland (16th in the UK, and St Patrick's Day in the States).

In addition to Oldham's band (Josh Abrams of Town and Country, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly of the Cairo Gang, and Michael Zerang), the guest list on Beware includes Dee Alexander, Leroy Bach (ex-Wilco), Jim Becker, Robert Cruz, DV DeVincentis, Jon Langford (Mekons), Greg Leisez, Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground/Isotope 217, Exploding Star Orchestra), Nicole Mitchell (Exploding Star Orchestra, Frequency), and Azita Youssefi.

01 Beware Your Only Friend
02 You Can't Hurt Me Now
03 My Life's Work
04 Death Final
05 Heart's Arms
06 You Don't Love Me
07 You Are Lost
08 I Won't Ask Again
09 I Don't Belong to Anyone
10 There Is Something I Have to Say
11 I Am Goodbye
12 Without Work, You Have Nothing
13 Untitled Afraid Ain't Me

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