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Friday, January 2, 2009

Other: Cheap DVDs in the January sales

Best post comments of the year for 2008 award (that's badly worded, but you know what I mean): Jim Carroll's post on cheap DVDs coming up to Christmas, here:

A brilliant idea which should be kept up. I just thought I'd point you in that direction, and also tell you about some great prices I found in Zavvi (which could be closing) in Dundrum today.

I noticed/bought:
House MD Series 1 for €14.39
The Shield Series 1 for €11.69
The Unit Series 1 for €17.09
Various seasons of the Wire for €31.49
Various seasons of Friends for €10.79 (although with E4 why would you need them?)
Every CSI Box ever at €13.49

Everything else has 10% off the marked price!

So pop on down now, before it's closed for good. Or else let me (or Jim) know of other great bargains.

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