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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Album News: Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago


I usually don't like October-November, there's hardly any new albums released in the run-up to Christmas (except compilations), and thus hardly any album news. But then, there's always Year End Lists and then new albums for next year.

One of these 2010 albums is Shearwater's latest, The Golden Archipelago. Shearwater leader Jonathan Meiburg had this to say about the record, due in February or March: “There are a lot more BIG-sounding drums on this record, and overall I’d say it’s woolier and spookier than Rook but also more extroverted. It sounds more like a band playing than some of our previous albums, I think, and it’s a bit more messy and exuberant.”

Some of the working song titles include “Meridian,” “Missing Islands,” “Landscape at Speed,” “Woolgathering,” and “Hidden Lakes.”

I cannot wait.

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