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Friday, September 25, 2009

Stream: John Mayer - Who Says

'Who Says' is the first single from John Mayer's upcoming Battle Studies, and it's quite catchy. The guitar part reminds me of 'Stop this Train'. You can stream the single in full (complete with watermark) on John's own website. The album itself is due on November 17th.



rakeback said...

I'm really surprised that John Mayer used this song as his first single. I think its a little risky on his part to sing about smoking weed with all the teenage girls he calls fans.

I think Taking on Water or Perfectly Lonely should have been the single, or even Half of My Heart. I really look forward to Battle Studies, but dont really understand the release of this song at all.

Anonymous said...

in another comment john says he doesnt think about marijuana when he sings this, he think walking around naked in his house with the lights off and his guitar

Anonymous said...

also the first chord in the song is the same as stop this train =) the drums also have the same "train" sounding effect with the brushes =)