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Monday, October 5, 2009

Download: Thom Yorke - Echoplex, 2 October 2009 Bootleg

This compilation bootleg of Thom Yorke's new band's warm-up show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles was put together by hasan over at at ease, from the recordings of three other users, and is a splendid compilation. The name of the original taper is in brackets. All have done a fantastic job, especially getting this out so quick.

Also, check out some of mytraveltales' videos on youtube here.

1. The Eraser (mytraveltales)
2. Analyze (mytraveltales)
3. The Clock (mytraveltales)
4. Black Swan (mytraveltales)
5. Skip Divided (mytraveltales)
6. Atoms for Peace (suprefan)
7. And It Rained All Night (mytraveltales)
8. Harrowdown Hill (mytraveltales)
9. Cymbal Rush (mytraveltales)
10. Open The Floodgates (mytraveltales)
11. Lotus Flower (suprefan)
12. Skirting On The Surface (no pro3lem)
13. Judge, Jury, Executioner (suprefan)
14. Paperbag Writer (mytraveltales)
15. The Hollow Earth (mytraveltales)
16. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (mytraveltales)

Thom Yorke - 'Lotus Flower'

Full Show


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Thanks I've been looking all day for this ! :D

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Thanks from Poland!

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Thank you so much for this. people are really great.