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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rant: John and Edward on X Factor 2009

The final twelve leak that emerged last week was true, and in there I gave my opinions on the finalists for this year's X Factor. However as the show progressed last night, X Factor and the #xfactor tag were trending on twitter. Then at one stage, the tag jumped to number one and another trend emerged "Louis Walsh" was the sixth most talked about thing. For one reason...

Here is a very, very small sample of the (very justified) outrage following Louis's decision to put the twins John and Edward Grimes through to the live finals:

Good morning all! I'm hoping that john and Edward through to the #xfactor was some kind of nightmare. Wish it was as then I could wake up!

Hi i'm John.....and i'm Edward.....and together we're gonna get BATTERED walking down the street. Biggest pair of idiots on earth.

Considering boycotting the rest of the series of X-factor after John and Edward got through. FFS!

John and Edward going through just proves that Louis is seriously deluded

I think I've realised what I don't like about John and Edward on #xfactor is that they act just like Ned Flanders' kids


At one stage, there was even a #hatethetwins hashtag too! Also, there has been a few groups formed on Facebook, such as "Get the Cramp Twins Out of X Factor" and "John and Edward are vile little creatures".

This is the main reason they are so awful...

Oh, and just to end on something positive and funny, the best moment of X Factor 2009 so far...


Leigh said...

It's got people talking and blogging about it though, hasn't it?

Rob said...

Louis needs to take a reality check.
He chooses the twins as a valid and credible act for his final three and then complains that he has no talent in his category. Last year he barely made any effort at all to help the girls in his category and he's already writing off the only two acts that do have any talent, when he was the one that chose them. By sticking by the twins so loyally through auditions and boot camp, maybe Louis is now regretting that he made such a boob in the first place! It would be nice to see him get up off his backside and actually do something to help the girls that do have a chance in his group!!!
More thoughts here:- http://robert-strobel.com