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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Awards: IMTV Video Music Awards Winners

The IMTV Video Music Awards clashed with everything last night. I was at Bell x1, so I missed them. But I do know who all the winners are...

Best Live Video:
Act: And So I watched you from afar
Video: Set Guitars to Kill
Director: Will McConnell

Best Dance Video
Act: Le Galaxie
Director: Killian Broderick & Le Galaxie

Best Styled Video
Act: Julie Feeney
Video: Impossibly Beautiful
Director: Vittoria Colonna

Best Solo Male Video
Act: Pearse McGloughlin
Video: Ways to Kill a Werewolf
Director:Kevin McGloughlin

Best Solo Female Video
Act: Wallis Bird
Video: To My Bones
Director:Philipp Kaessbohrer

Most Original Concept For Video
Act: Fight Like Apes
Video: Something Global
Director: Eoghan Kidney

Best Production/Special Effects in a Video
Act: Cap Pas Cap
Video: We are men
Director: Sam Boyd

Best Video by a Newcomer
Act: Bowlegged
Video: Red Lights
Director: Peter J McCarthy

Director of the Year 2009
WINNER: Eoghan Kidney

Best Video 2009
Act: Valerie Francis
Video: Punches
Director: Eoghan Kidney

Watch the best video of the year, Valerie Francis' 'Punches' (Peter will be happy):

Watch all the winning videos here:

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