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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Watch: Ceol Ar An Imeall preview

Uber-blogger UnaRocks or Una Mullally as she's known to her friends launches her brand new TV show on TG4 on Thursday the 14th of January. It's called Ceol Ar An Imeall (that's Music on the Edge ás Gaeilge). It'll be on at a quarter to twelve p.m. (a terrible time, but we'll all stay up to watch it), and is bound to feature some great acts. The first edition has an interview with Speech Debelle as well as live music from Valerie Francis. I wonder will Debelle have a cupla focal for us!


Michael said...

Cool. There's not enough music on Irish tv these days. Especially since Channel 6 was bought by TV3.

Caroline said...

Why is this on so late?