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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Single News: DBT - Solo Record Store Day Release

Mike Cooley said the following to BLURT Magazine:
"The band will be issuing the special release on April 17 in time for Record Store Day."

"It's not an album, it's not a full-length record. It's not even an EP," he says. "There's no way I can describe it. You'll think I'm fucking with you if I start describing it. You'll just have to see. The only thing I'll tell you is this - it's high art."

"It's definitely that," confirms Truckers frontman Patterson Hood with a laugh. "It's so high art that John Neff plays the sitar."

Although BLURT originally reported this would be a solo release for Cooley, it will actually be a full Drive-By Truckers release.


Jamie said...

This and the album? RAWK!

Ronan said...

Yeah, I'm excited for this. Cooley-penned songs are always awesome.