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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Album Cover: The National - High Violet

The National release the follow-up to the wonderful Boxer on the 11th of May. It's called High Violet, and hopefully continues the run of great albums from the Brooklyn band.

They performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night, playing lead single 'Terrible Love' and 'Blood Buzz Ohio' (which unfortunately wasn't shown). However, have a look at 'Terrible Love' below. There isn't a tracklist for the album yet, but expect both of those songs to appear when it's announced.

Watch The National 'Terrible Love' live:


Anonymous said...

That album cover is horrible. It hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said...

hey album cover hater... you are a moron.

Ronan said...

Ha, good work people. Exactly the kind of debate I love to foster here! But could either of you give reasons for your opinions?