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Friday, April 30, 2010

List: Top 5 Richie Kavanagh Tracks

RIP Gerry Ryan. A legend of a broadcaster. However, I'm not going to merely post a "news" story of his death in order to get some quick traffic and increase my hits, instead I'm going to do a tribute to the late RTE DJ and TV presenter by making a list of the top five Richie Kavanagh tracks. There was probably no greater defender of Richie's brand of Irish music than Gerry. Have a listen to the wonderful comedy on 'Mobile Phone': "Is that Fenagh 2222?"

5. 'My Granny Was a Plucker'

4. 'Mobile Phone':

3. 'A Ride on a Tractor':

2. 'Stay Wut Her Johnny'

1. 'Aon Focal Eile':

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