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Friday, May 28, 2010

Competition: Nokia 6700 Winner

A large number of entrants guessed correctly that the contents of the red box was a red candle (not made from ear wax though). They were put into a hat and Rob C picked the winner. So blame him if you didn't win. Congratulations to Bruno who won the Red Nokia 6700 Slide. It should be on its way to the winner in the next few days.

If you're looking for more Nokia news, make sure to become a fan of them on facebook here. The best part of their facebook page is the excellent what colour Nokia 6700 are you application. Check it out here. I'm not a pink, I swear!

Also, remember you can join the Swear I'm Not Paul page too.

Thanks to all the entrants. It was a great competition, with a marvellous prize.

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