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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Live: The Prodigy to support Oasis at Slane

Another support act announced for the return of Slane. The Prodigy join Kasabian and the Enemy as supporting acts for the Gallagher brothers (who are 100% Irish allegedly). Expect a real Irish act to be announced as support (there always is) before Friday. As soon as I hear, I'll let you know.

Tickets are priced from €76.50 to €86.50 and go on sale this Friday (October 24th). Think they're limited to two for person, so if a group is going to Slane, you'll have to go to Ticketmaster as a group too!

Watch The Prodigy at the Point 14 years ago (well, just the audio):


Anonymous said...

Are you sure kasabian are supporting oasis at slane? i think its just uk venues confirmed so far, but i really hope they're at slane.

Cathal said...


got my ticket!