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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Live: 2UIBestow Sessions at Boyle's, Slane

Press release from 2UIBestow Sessions. It promises to be excellent. The first night has the excellent Ham Sandwich, but for me the highlight will be August 6th with Groom and Van Cleef, two excellent upcoming bands!

The 2UIBestow Sessions will be launched in the intimate venue Boyles in Slane on Thursday 4th June and will run on the first Thursday of every month. This monthly showcase is brought to Boyles, Slane by the popular music blog http://www.2uibestow.blogspot.com/. The Sessions will have four acts playing for up to half an hour in the 65 seated capacity venue in the heart of Slane. The aim of ‘The 2UIBestow Sessions’ is to create a night showcasing the best of music in Ireland covering a variety of genres.

Admission is free, first act begins at 9pm.

Thursday June 4th [The Launch Night]
Ham Sandwich
Kiernan McMullan
Ruairi Coogan
Star Crossed Enemies

Thursday July 2nd:
Perry Blake
Margaret Healy
Henrietta Game
Garret Baker

Thursday August 6th:
Peadar King
Van Cleef
Joy Booth

More information about the gigs found here:

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