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Friday, July 3, 2009

Live: Pixies at the Olympia Sold Out

It didn't take long at all, but the Pixies' triumphant return to Dublin as sold out. In two minutes. All the tickets were gone by 9:02 this morning, much to the dismay of many people at home trying to purchase tickets on their computers.

They'll be playing the Olympia Theatre on October 1st and 2nd, but you'll have to check toutless.com or look for returns to have any chance of seeing them now.

They have no gig lined-up for the 3rd of October, so maybe they'll add another date before heading off to Scotland the following day.

Watch 'Where is My Mind' live:

1 comment:

rvp14 said...

Ho, what a bummer..yes, I was one of those people sitting disconsolately at my computer. Bet some of them will turn up on ebay and probably go for a couple of hundred a pop though.