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Friday, July 3, 2009

Watch: Duckworth Lewis Method - Tower Records

Today marks the Irish release date of the Duckworth Lewis Method's debut album. This is an album I've been really excited about, and I am delighted that this day has finally come. It's available in all the usual record shops, Road Records, Tower Records, HMV, all of them really. Speaking of Tower Records, the band performed a nice intimate gig to promote the album yesterday (Peter from 2uibestow was in attendance, lucky bugger) and went down a storm. The new album is also being very well received. Today's Times and Guardian in the UK have given it glowing reviews. I highly recommend you buy it. It's the album of the summer. Ashes or no ashes.

Watch The Duckworth Lewis Method instore at Dublin's Tower Records:


Darren said...

Superb album - really enjoying it.

Ronan said...

Fantastic record. I've been excited about it for so long, so thank God it's lived up to all my hype!