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Monday, November 9, 2009

Download: The Beatles - Everyday Chemistry Mixtape

Everyday Chemistry is a Beatles mixtape made by James Richards who provides a very extensive back story about how the Beatles Never Broke Up. The story itself is a fine piece of fiction, but the mixtape is far more interesting. You can download each individual song as .mp3 or the entire thing as a .zip file over on his page. Before all that, you can sample a small few tunes below.

"Everyday Chemistry" Tracklist:
1. Four Guys
2. Talking To Myself
3. Anybody Else
4. Sick To Death
5. Jenn
6. I'm Just Sitting Here
7. Soldier Boy
8. Over The Ocean
9. Days Like These
10. Saturday Night
11. Mr Gators Swamp Jamboree

The Beatles - 'Jenn'
The Beatles - 'Over the Ocean'

More info/download:


Anonymous said...

Thick, cruddy mix that makes "Yellow Submarine" sound crystalline in comparison.

If you want to make a mash-up, make one; just don't make it like this.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty.. interesting

You can tell its fake
Because the first song, "four guys"

Is just a mix of their voices from interviews, and even lines from the song "Band On The Run" by Paul McCartney and Wings

Still pretty interesting to listen to, but after I hear every song on this, i probably wont listen to it again

Deirdre Bunny said...

Personally, I love this. yeah its ficton, but the remixing is pretty delicious. I think it is fairly genre-specific though, where tastes are concerned, so I can see why some wouldnt like it, especially purists. I am a purist myself but I allow for deviations from time to time.

This is one of them.

It's like Tricky or Portishead traveled back to 1970 and collaborated with our favorite four.

Maurice said...

personally i think there are some real gems on here. "Over the Ocean" is brilliant song that probably ended up on a Harrison solo album, I love the slide work in "I'm just sitting here", and Saturday night works well as a remix.

I'd be interested to see what Paul in particular makes of this, as he's been into sound collages and the like for aeons.

I don't think the fakeness has any real bearing on the music - no one stopped buying The White Stripes albums because they aren't really brother & sister - did they?