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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watch: Jamie Lidell - The Ring

Jamie Lidell's second album Jim is the best soul (pop-soul) album of recent years, and his debut Multiply is pretty damn good too. Thus, I'm really excited for his third record, Compass, which is due out May 18th. The video for 'Compass', the title track was unleashed last month, and now we have the follow-up single, 'The Ring'. This tune is much better than 'Compass', and has me eagerly anticipating the rest of the album. When you're finished watching that, have a look at Jamie's Introduction to Compass video.

Watch Jamie Lidell - 'The Ring':

An Introduction...:


Anonymous said...

Song sounds great.

Anonymous said...

It's his fourth album! Muddlin Gear was his first. Completely different from the following three though.

Ronan said...

Thanks Anonymous. Haven't actually heard that one. Must look it up.