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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Album News: Avril's Poison - Jules Verne

Jules Verne

Strange little email popped in my inbox this morning, announcing an Irish supergroup called Avril's Poison. They're due to release their debut album Jules Verne on June 18th (the 21st in the UK). The most notable thing about the band is definitely the line-up. It includes Paul Noonan (of Bell X1) on Vocals, Dave Evans on guitar (you'll all know him as the Edge), Mark McClelland (formerly of Snow Patrol) on bass, Colm Mac Con Iomaire on violin and keys, and Graham Hopkins (of the Frames) on drums.

The band is McClelland's brainchild, and the press release said that he's "trying to explore new avenues, both in sound and in public profile." Although this may seem a little strange, McClelland is probably best known these days as the man who's suing Snow Patrol for 25% of their earnings.

The press release also claims that the album is "a bounding rock album, with a large series of hooks. Recorded in secret over a series of weekends, Jules Verne is set to be a landmark record in Irish musical history." The title track is due for release as a single later this month and features Glen Hansard on vocals, so as soon as I have the video, I'll post it up.

1. Flutter
2. Mother Superior
3. Four Corners
4. Jules Verne (featuring Glen Hansard)
5. Too Late to Get in the Game
6. Sitting/Watching
7. Taiwan
8. Zoom
9. Phase Noise
10. This One's For You


Ferg said...

That sounds awesome!!

By the way I did a mumford and sons review if you want it for your blog.

Ronan said...

Sounds great Ferg, will post a link to it, as well as the setlist.

Peter N said...

This post was an april fools thing right? Cant' imagine Noonan's chocolate at the end of my cornetto style of lyrics being tolerated by The Edge! Wait he's had to put up with nearly 30 years of Bonos bull!

Ronan said...

Spot on Peter. Google the band name with an extra "s" in poison. :D