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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Live: O Emperor in Whelan's

A little late to be mentioning this, but not too late, as O Emperor play a headline gig in Whelan's tomorrow night. It was the gig of the week on 98FM's Totally Irish, and rightfully so. It should be a fantastic night. Support comes from the Gorgeous Colours, as well as Walter Mitty and the Realists.

If you have nothing else planned (i.e. if you're not staying in to watch the UK Election Results), then pop down to Whelan's around 8ish. Tickets are €15, and are on sale now.

Watch O Emperor on BalconyTV:


Kevin said...

Thursday Nights = Lost.


Ronan said...

I'm only on Season 4 at the moment, so not watching it live :D