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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Live: Drop Haiti's Debt at Vicar Street

There's a fine amount of benefit gigs happening around the country, but this one is definitely worth mentioning. Cathy Davey, Julie Feeney, Villagers, The Chapters, The Chakras, and more will be playing Vicar Street for the Drop Haiti's Debt campaign on Thursday 11th of February. Tickets cost €20 and are on sale now.

Today, Haiti still owes some US$890 million, much of it to global financial institutions, and is due to make millions in debt payments in the coming year alone. As a result Trocaire has started the Drop Haiti's Debt campaign. All money from this concert will be going towards that.

Ciara Gaynor, TrĂ³caire’s head of campaigns said ‘It will take decades for Haiti to recover from the earthquake. The country must not be faced with the additional massive burden of debt repayments. Any emergency earthquake assistance must be in the form of grants, not loans, which will only increase Haiti’s debt burden in the long run. The people of Haiti have suffered for too long. Please join the call for debt relief, and help Haiti on the long road to recovery from this devastating disaster. Please support the campaign on www.trocaire.org and join the ‘Drop Haiti’s Debt’ group on Facebook”.

Watch The Chapters - 'Your Voice' live in 2006:

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