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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watch: Justin Townes Earle - Mercy Lounge Bootleg

Justin Townes Earle played the Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee on January 27th, 2010, and jebusfubar4 uploaded the entire show in video format to Youtube. He's also got some Avvett Brothers, Jill Andrews and more. Check out his channel here.

Before then, however, have a look at this Justin Townes Earle gig:

'Poor Fool':

'They Killed John Henry':

'Halfway to Jackson':

'Boy Keep Movin':

'What I Mean to You':

'Someday I'll Be Forgiven For This':

'I Ain't Waitin':

'Lone Pine Hill':

'A Wanderin':

'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?' ft. Dawn Landes:

'If the River Was Whiskey':

'I Don't Care':

'What Do You Do When You're Lonesome':

'Hard Livin':

'Midnight at the Movies':

'South Georgia Sugar Babe':

'Gold Watch and Chain':

'Can't Hardly Wait':

'Walk Out':

'Chittlin Cookin Time in Cheatham County':

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