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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Live: Bray Jazz Festival 2010

I must admit that my knowledge of jazz isn't the best. I might throw on a Miles Davis or Bill Evans record now and then, and am partial to some Brad Mehldau, but apart from that I'm not really in the know when it comes to jazz. Thus I'm excited to be able to hear some new sounds at the 11th Annual Bray Jazz Festival, which takes place over the May Bank Holiday this year.

Bray Jazz Festival has more than just jazz though (it does have that - of the contemporary and improvised varieties especially), there's also world music, funk, electronic, and blues. Damn I love the blues. All About Jazz called the event "one of the very best small jazz festivals in Europe", and they are totally right.

This year there's set to be a tonne of artists from all around the globe - United States, Austria, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Senegal, Belgium, Argentina, Luxembourg and the UK.

More info/full lineup:


Bray said...

Great stuff.
You mention Brad Mehldau - one of the guys playing this year's festival in Bray is Larry Grenadier, the long-standing bass player in Mehldau's fantastic trio.

Ronan said...

You're welcome. It'll be great to see Larry Grenadier. Hopefully in the next few years you might be able to get Mehldau himself! :D