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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stream: Band of Horses - Laredo

'Laredo' is one of twelve tracks featured on Band of Horses' upcoming album Infinite Arms. The album is due out this weekend next month (the 19th of May in the UK, and the 16th here), and looks set to be as good as anything they've done. To support the album, they'll also be briefly stopping off on our fair isle, supporting Snow Patrol in Belfast, as well as playing a headline show at the Academy in Dublin on June 4th. Have a listen to 'Laredo' below, and get excited for the new album. It's mere days away now.

1) Factory
2) Compliments
3) Laredo
4) Blue Beard
5) On My Way Back Home
6) Infinite Arms
7) Dilly
8) Evening Kitchen
9) Older
10) For Annabelle
11) NW Apt.
12) Neighbor

Stream 'Laredo':


samuel70 said...

Hey Ronan, Band Of Horses' new album is due out on the dates you mentioned...but only next month, May.

Ronan said...

Thanks Samuel. Silly me. I blame the press release. It's never my fault. :D