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Friday, June 13, 2008

Live recommendation, 13-15 June

This weekend, I would recommend going to see Leonard Cohen. Of course. Who else? But since you, like me, probably do not have a ticket to any of his three shows with Damien Rice (the only man who has a lower productivity rate than Paul), you'll have to find something else to do this weekend. The Incredible Hulk is released tonight, so that leaves Saturday night free for all you workers.

Saturday hosts Neil Diamond, Crowded House, Dan Deacon/Deerhunter/Jape, and Fleet Foxes. Neil Diamond has released two excellent albums in the past few years, both produced by Johnny Cash's own resurrection man, Rick Rubin. However, before this decade, he released a lot of tripe. My mother loves Neil Diamond (and I must admit I'm partial to the Jazz Singer soundtrack every now and then), but she hates the two new albums. That said, she's the kind of person who will be in attendance in the Cusack Stand, so expect plenty of "We're coming to America"s and not too many "Captain of a Shipwreck"-style tunes.

That rules Neil out, so what about Crowded House? Well, they're past-it, but I bet you all have a copy of Crooked Rain tucked away somewhere. So if you want to relive old memories, waste, I mean spend that 60 euro to see them.

Dan Deacon, Deerhunter and Jape are an excellent trio for just over twenty quid, and could be well worth a listen. I haven't seen Jape live, but my lovely girlfriend swears they're the best thing since sliced bread live - and I've even went to Springsteen with her! Dan Deacon and Deerhunter are critically acclaimed artists that no-one has ever heard of, so if you can get in early, you'll be sure to get up the front. Deerhunter's new album Microcastle is an excellent addition to their repertoire, and you're bound to hear plenty from it.

But truly the highlight of the weekend is Fleet Foxes. None other than Pitchfork gave their debut album 9.0, and their debut EP was also well-lauded, even if the review itself was written by a small hyperactive child. They were one of the most talked about bands at the SXSW festival this year, and this is surely a chance to catch them before they become bigger and start to play huge venues like the Ambassador. Crowded House, watch your tails! They play Whelan's Saturday night at 9. Bound to be brilliant. (Although the album itself is' more of a 7.9 than a 9.0, but that's Pitchfork for you...)

Fleet Foxes - Live at SXSW

This weekend's Gigs: 13 - 15 June

Friday, 13 June 2008

AslanThe Academy20:00€25
Leonard CohenRoyal HospitalGates 17:00, Show 19:30Sold Out
Damien DempseyWhelan's21:00€18
The DodosCrawdaddy20:00€14-€17
JandekDouglas Hyde Gallery20:00€20
Low, Atlas SoundAndrews Lane Theatre20:00€22.60

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Leonard Cohen Royal Hospital Grounds Gates 17:00, Show 19:30 Sold Out
Crowded House Ambassador 19:30 €59.80
Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, Jape Vicar Street 19:30 €22.50
Neil Diamond Croke Park Gates 17:00 €69.50
Fleet Foxes Whelan's 21:00 €14.50

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bonnie "Prince" Billy Vicar Street 20:00 €30
Leonard Cohen Royal Hospital Grounds Gates 17:00, Show 19:30 Sold Out
John and Jehn Andrews Lane Theatre 20:00 €14
Metronomy, Spilly Warner Andrews Lane Theatre 23:00 €15