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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Review & Setlist: Goldfrapp - Tripod, Dublin, 7 November 2008

Goldfrapp at Tripod

With three wonderful gigs on last night in Dublin, it was difficult to decide which to attend. I have a feeling the other two shows were packed to the rafters, so if you have a setlist from either Fleet Foxes or Okkervil River, please let me know. Goldfrapp's setlist was a little short unfortunately, but packed many punches including new song 'Clowns'. An interesting non-musical intervention occured when an unknowing member of the audience took a photo Alison, with flash on, and she glared at him for doing so. Quite amusing, and as it happened during opener 'Paper Bag', I was worried she'd be stroppy, however, she was brilliant throughout, and warmly encouraged the crowd. She saved the best for last, and 'Black Cherry' during the encore was simply amazing.

Paper Bag
You Never Know
Satin Chic
Eat Yourself
Little Bird
Number One
Ooh La La
Caravan Girl
Black Cherry
Strict Machine

Photo by Tig Guire, see more from the show here:

Cancelled: Sara Bareilles at the Academy

Well, not excellent cancelled, but postponed. Sara Bareilles November 24th gig has been postponed til next May due to... actually, MCD gave me no info why. Howandever, no fixed date has been confirmed, so you'll have to get a refund.

Watch 'Love Song'live:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekend Gigs: 7-9 November 2008

What a weekend for gigs. Every one of them is worth going to. Winter is going to be great!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Fleet Foxes
Vicar Street
20:00Sold Out
Okkervil River
The Academy

Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Cardinals (Ryan Adams)
The Ambassador
Sold Out
Paul Brady
Vicar Street

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Kanye West

Stream: Coldplay - Prospekt's March clips

Rub the glass to hear a few clips from the upcoming Coldplay EP.

Alternatively, you can just watch this Youtube clip:

But rubbing the glass is more fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coolness: Ireland vs USA

Today's Metro declared that due to the election of Barack Obama, America is now cool again. But wasn't it always cool? Well, at least compared to Ireland anyway. Unlike the Metro, I'm going to back up my statement with fact, and also without needless advertising everywhere. Well, it's not needless, just that no-one would willingly pay to be advertised on here! This is a simple case of some versus matches featuring the best of cool from both nations.

Medical Drama
House M.D. vs The Clinic
Anyone who watches the continuing adventures of Doctor Gregory House will argue that it's the best thing on TV. The cast are brilliant, the humour is both pithy and funny, and each episode serves up its own treats. Plus, some of us are able to diagnose ourselves a whole lot better after watching it. It's never Lupus! The Clinic however, is Ireland's version of ER. The acting is well-and-truly Irish, as are the patient problems. It deals with people's relationships rather than diseases. Whereas House may have someone with a pole stuck through them, The Clinic will have someone with a strange unseen itch.
Result: The Clinic has Keith Duffy and Brian O'Driscoll popping in now and then. Two of Ireland's most handsome men House M.D. had to hire a Brit to do its lead role. The Americans couldn't even get one of their own. 1-0 Ireland.

Rock Stars
Bruce Springsteen vs. Bono
Both make great music. Well, Bruce's is far greater than U2's, but that's just my opinion. Everyone knows that Bruce is the pinnacle of cool. He's the Boss for a reason you know. Bono on the other hand may be the most uncool man in the world with his "fly" shades, as seen on the Pope. He even makes Bob Geldof cringe.
Result: No contest. My dad is even cooler than Bono. 1-1

JFK vs. Michael Collins
I chose political films here, because I couldn't think of much else that would compare. Woody Allen films versus Neil Jordan? Not really a contest. But ones about two of our biggest political leaders, yeah that should work. Both are filled with mis-fact, so that's not an issue.
Result: I think JFK is the cooler film because it's Oliver-bloody-Stone, and is a classic piece of courtroom drama. Up there with 12 Angry Men. The best bit in our own offering is a tank driving into Croke Park. Amusing, but not cool. 2-1 America

Sketch Shows
Saturday Night Live vs. Gift Grub
SNL has been back in the headlines a lot recently, with the re-emergence of Tina Fey. Fey's take on Alaskan pitbull Sarah Palin was priceless, but in recent years there hasn't been much good about the show. Not since Will Ferrell played Alex Trebeck and Christopher Walken demanded "more cowbell" has it been essential viewing. And now the US election is over, Sarah will go back into the woods, and Tina back to film-making. Former Glenroe actor Mario Rosenstock, on the other hand, seems to be getting better and better, and even has a segment on Setanta Sports. Even with this, Gift Grub is essential listening and never seems to get stale.
Result: Super Mario to the rescue to tie it up for Ireland. 2-2

Sudden Death:
Barack Obama vs. Brian Cowen
Today's Irish Times called Obama a "Biffo": Big Intelligent Foreigner from Offaly. Quite clever, although he's as Irish as I am Kenyan I'd say. Everyone is always Irish, at least we claim them. But his coolness points can't transfer over to us. He's not all that Irish. Where's the red hair? Brian Cowen doesn't have the red hair. But he makes up for it with his red face, and his red economy.
Result: Obama is considered cool by everyone except the red states, and even 45% of them think he's cool. The Chinese even are fans of his! Cowen on the other hand is popular among a few Fianna Fail backbenchers and that's about it. Members of his own party even have left him. Bertie was a bit cool, but Brian isn't even cool with retired people.
3-2 America

So you were right Metro, until now it wasn't cool. But with Obama at the helm, things have changed. Welcome back cool America. All we need now is our own George Bush to be dethroned.

Album News: BRMC - The Effects of 333

Not an album proper from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, instead it's an instrumental record (like Nine Inch Nails Ghosts), called The Effects of 333.

It's available from today, and was released at 3:33 on November 1st. Clever. Thanks to Lauren at Entertainment.ie for the info.

'The Effects Of 333'
'Still No Answer'
'I Know You're In There'
'And With This Comes'
'A Sad State'
'A Twisted State'
'Sedated With Sterilized Tongues'
'We're Not Welcome Alone'
'Or Needed'
'And When Was Better'

You can buy it here:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live: Elton John at Thomond Park

He's never played Leinster's RDS or Old Wes, but legendary pianoman Elton John will don the red of Munster to play Limerick's Thomond Park next June.

Elton will bring his classics to Thomond on June 6th, 2009 with tickets ranging from €81.25 to €116.25. They go on sale next Monday, November 10th.

'Your Song' live in Cork:

Stream: Thursday, Envy - Split EP

Thursday Envy EP

Mercury Rev's latest album was good. So good in fact, that I recommend you check out a remix Anthony Molina has done for Thursday and Envy on their Split EP.

Split Tracklisting:
1. THURSDAY: As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
2. THURSDAY: In Silence
3. THURSDAY: An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
4. THURSDAY: Appeared And Was Gone (Remix by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev)
5. ENVY: An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
6. ENVY: Isolation Of A Light Source
7. ENVY: Pure Birth And Loneliness

Stream it here:

Buy it here:

Thursday, Envy - 'As He Climbed The Dark Mountain vs. Isolation Of A Light Source'

Download: Drive-By Truckers - Uncle Phil and Aunt Phyllis in the Month After the Election

To coincide with yesterday's wonderful election (I'm wrecked as I stayed up to watch the country turn blue), Drive-By Truckers released an mp3 they recorded from the time of the 2004 election.

P.Hoody had this to say:
"I wrote this song the week after the 2004 Presidential Election.
I was in a state of semi-shock and near-depression as my daughter's birth was impending and I was depressed to think of her born into the world during a Bush Presidency.

It was recorded live in the studio at Chase Park Transduction with me on the microphone, David Hood (my Dad) on the bass guitar, Johnny Neff playing some sleazy sounding electric guitar, Brad Morgan playing the drums, and David Barbe on the B3. It was late at night and everyone's spirits were high.

I am throwing this out as my election week gift to you.
Please get out and vote.
I will be voting for Obama because I think he has the guts, vision judgment and smarts to guide us through these troubled times and help America regain her prominence in the 21st century.
It's time for a change and not four more years of bullshit.

Jr. has wrapped the Camaro around too many telephone poles and it's time to take his keys away.


Respectfully Yours,
Patterson Hood"

Download here:
Drive-By Truckers - 'Uncle Phil and Aunt Phyllis in the Month After the Election'

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Album News: The Decemberists - Hazards of Love

Have you hear the Always a Bridesmaid singles? God, they're good. As are the Colin Meloy Sings EPs. In fact most of what the Decemberists do is damn good. So imagine my delight to read on their own website that:

"In other news, we've officially closed the book on tracking our next record and mixing starts tomorrow! We're all tremendously pleased with the outcome thus far. It's called "Hazards of Love." That's all we'll say now."

It's gonna be great! Also, it's rumoured for an April 2009 release.

Watch 'Sixteen Military Wives':

Album News: Chris Cornell - Scream

First off, where has the real Chris Cornell gone? The guy from Temple of a Dog, Soundgarden, and Audioslave? His debut record Eurphoria Morning is one of my favourite albums, ever.

Carry On, his follow-up was poor. But I did like the Bond theme, and the live version of 'Billie Jean', which I hear someone did an impression of on X Factor recently.

His third album, Scream, will be out on January 22nd (supposed to be out today). According to Billboard, it's "in a much more R&B-oriented direction, with busy drum machine beats, buffed-up chorus vocals and string samples filling the nooks and crannies" and less rocky. The horror!

Lists: CMT's Top 40 Country Albums

For this, they disregarded everything before 1962, which I must say is a bit ridiculous. Interesting list though, you may find some country on here that you've never heard of before. Might make you look for the other half's copy of Shania Twain too!

Kenny Rogers
The Gambler (1978)

Elvis Presley
Moody Blue (1977)

Various Artists
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Charlie Rich
Behind Closed Doors (1973)

The Judds
Why Not Me? (1984)

Waylon Jennings
Dreaming My Dreams (1975)

Linda Ronstadt
Heart Like a Wheel (1974)

Gram Parsons
Grievous Angel (1974)

Mountain Music (1982)

Alison Krauss
Now That I've Found You: A Collection (1995) [Compilation]

Reba McEntire
For My Broken Heart (1991)

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
At Carnegie Hall! (1963)

Johnny Cash
American Recordings (1994)

Steve Earle
Guitar Town (1986)

Dolly Parton
Jolene (1974)

Buck Owens
The Carnegie Hall Concert (1966)

Dwight Yoakam
Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. (1986)

Rosanne Cash
Seven Year Ache (1981)

Rodney Crowell
Diamonds & Dirt (1988)

Bill Monroe
Bean Blossom (1973)

Emmylou Harris
Blue Kentucky Girl (1979)

Randy Travis
Storms of Life (1986)

Loretta Lynn
Van Lear Rose (2004)

Merle Haggard
Okie From Muskogee (1969)

Hank Williams, Jr.
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound (1979)

Dixie Chicks
Home (2002)

Clint Black
Killin' Time (1989)

Alan Jackson
A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love) (1992)

Faith Hill
Breathe (1999)

Tammy Wynette & George Jones
Golden Ring (1976)

Waylon Jennings
Honky Tonk Heroes (1973)

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (1972)

Shania Twain
The Woman in Me (1995)

Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Jessi Colter / Tompall Glaser
Wanted! The Outlaws (1976) [Compilation]

Kris Kristofferson
Me and Bobby McGee (1971)

George Strait
Ocean Front Property (1987)

Garth Brooks
No Fences (1990)

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison (1968)

Ray Charles
Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music (1962)

Willie Nelson
Red Headed Stranger (1975)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Watch: Bruce Springsteen - A Night With The Jersey Devil

Oh God, I can't wait for the new Boss album. Firstly, I can't wait til the US election tomorrow, but after that I'll be all ears open for any info on the new Springsteen.

Here is a song which is rumoured to appear on the upcoming record (probably released next year), 'A Night with the Jersey Devil'. Much better than hosting parties at his house.

Listen: Nialler 9 October Podcast

The only thing that would be better than a Nialler9 podcast, would be to get PodCasts for Jim Carroll's shows on Phantom FM. Unfortunately those aren't available. Niall however, serves up a treat each an every month, and October is no different, as he rounded up he month with #20 in his brilliant series.

This month's features songs from Friendly Fires, Deerhunter, and even Bjork.

Check it out here:

Download: Jamie Lidell - Out of My System (AmpLive remix)

Have you heard Jamie Lidell's follow-up to Multiply, the album Jim released this year?

It's brilliant, and the best black album by a white guy in ages. It's pop-soul at its finest, and this remix from AmpLive featuring Zumbi of Zion I makes an already great song into a possible floor filler.

Jamie Lidell - 'Out of My System' (AmpLive remix ft. Zumbi)

Watch 'Little Bit of Feel Good':

More info on the remixers:

Download: Jape - Strike Me Down (Friendly Fires Remix)

Jape - Ritual

Jape's second single from Ritual is released today, November 3rd. 'Strike Me Down' is the name of the tune, and to highlight its release today, we've got a free download of Friendly Fires' remix of the tune.

Download here:
Jape - 'Strike Me Down' (Friendly Fire remix)

Jape's Myspace: