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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Watch: John Mayer - Battle Studies 3

Third video for John Mayer's upcoming TBA album Battle Studies. Will it be all about the break up between Jen and Vince Vaughan? Oh wait, that's a common lyric. Never mind.


Also, here's his 'California Dreamin' cover from the Tonight Show:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Live: The Thermals at the Academy

Another great cheap gig next week. I love the cheap gigs. Never mind Take That costing half a million euro for a ticket or whatever. The Thermals are from the modern home of brilliant music, Portland, Oregon, and come to visit Ireland next Friday. They play Auntie Annie's in Belfast the following night as part of their short stop on the island.

Tickets for this one are also €13.50. How could you refuse at that price? The gig is on Friday, 19th of June, and they'll be supported by British group Sketches.

Watch 'Now We Can See' at SXSW:
SPIN - SXSW 2009: The Thermals, "Now We Can See"

Live: The Chapters at Whelan's

Maybe when I do another best 100 albums list, or else a Best 200 Irish albums list for my 2000th post, there will be a Chapters record in there. They're one of Dublin's finest new bands and are due to play Whelan's (a major venue for anyone who's in an Irish band) next Thursday, the 18th of June. Their album Perfect Stranger was released last week, and like this gig, is highly recommended!

Doors: 7.30PM
Killer Chloe: 8.15PM
The Chapters: 9.15PM

Tickets are €13.50, and a small few remain. It's bound to be fantastic.

Watch 'Videotape':

Album News: Generationals - Con Law

Generationals - Con Law

It's cloudy again today, but it doesn't have to be cloudy on your iPod. There's a lot of sunshine indie pop coming out this summer to make you feel all warm and happy. New Orleans' duo Generationals are an off-shoot of Eames Era. They release their debut album under the new moniker on July 21st. It's called Con Law and is sure to soundtrack my summer. One of the tunes 'When They Fight They Fight' is available as free download below and is gloriously catchy. Enjoy!

01 Nobody Could Change Your Mind
02 Angry Charlie
03 Faces In The Dark
04 When They Fight They Fight
05 Out Time 2 Shine
06 Wildlife Sculpture
07 Bobby Beale
08 Exterior Street Day
09 It Keeps You Up
10 These Habits

Generationals - 'When They Fight They Fight

Listen to their Daytrotter Session from SXSW:

More info:

Stream: Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer

Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer

As you may remember, I've told you about Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug before. Not only does he have a great name, but he's in three fantastic bands. One of them is Sunset Rubdown, the second is Wolf Parade, and the other is Dan Bejar sideproject Swan Lake. You may know him from Destroyer, or else the excellent New Pornographers. You may have heard of them. If you haven't, you should have your tongue tested. Cause you obviously have no taste. Bazing. I saw that on an MTV show the other day and knew I had to use it. What a put-down!

Sunset Rubdown's new album Dragonslayer is out next week, but for now it can be streamed in full on NPR.

Stream here:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 100 Best Irish Albums of All Time

1000 posts!

Happy 1000! This is my 1,000th post. Quite an achievement right? So to celebrate, I've made a list of the top 100 Irish albums of all time. I didn't follow any strict rules, but just along the lines of acts that are considered Irish. Thus the Pogues are considered Irish because of Shane McGowan rather than the rest of the guys, but no-one ever claims Aphex Twin. Well not that I know of anyway. Feel free to abuse me for leaving something out, or giving preference to one album or another. I love the comments. And the fallout. Hopefully.

Rank Artist Album ( Year )
100 Kila Tog E Go Bog E ( 1999 )
99 The Saw Doctors If This is Rock and Roll, I Want My Old Job Back (1991)
98 Rubyhorse Rise ( 2002 )
97 The Republic of Loose Aaagh! ( 2006 )
96 Waiting Room Catering for Headphones ( 2004 )
95 Paddy Casey Amen (So Be It) ( 1999 )
94 The Devlins Waiting ( 1997 )
93 The Redneck Manifesto ThirtySixStrings ( 2001 )
92 JJ72 JJ72 ( 2000 )
91 The Boomtown Rats A Tonic for the Troops ( 1978 )
90 Ash 1977 ( 1996 )
89 David Kitt The Big Romance ( 2001 )
88 Nina Hynes Staros ( 2002 )
87 Interference Interference ( 2003 )
86 The Revenants Horse of a Different Colour ( 1992 )
85 Cathy Davey Something Ilk ( 2004 )
84 The Swell Season The Swell Season ( 2006 )
83 The Stars of Heaven Speak Slowly ( 1988 )
82 Virgin Prunes If I Die, I Die ( 1982 )
81 Frank and Walters Trains, Boats and Planes ( 1992 )
80 Toasted Heretic Another Day, Another Riot ( 1992 )
79 The Brilliant Trees Wake Up and Dream ( 1998 )
78 Ten Speed Racer 10SR ( 2003 )
77 Fatima Mansions Viva Dead Ponies ( 1988 )
76 Declan O'Rourke Since Kyabram ( 2004 )
75 The Commitments The Commitments OST ( 1991 )
74 The Frames For the Birds ( 2001 )
73 Paul Brady Back to the Centre ( 1985 )
72 Something Happens Stuck Together With God's Glue ( 1990 )
71 The Mary Janes Bored of Their Laughing ( 1990 )
70 Gemma Hayes Night on My Side ( 2002 )
69 Sinead O'Connor I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got ( 1990 )
68 The Prayerboat Polichenelle ( 2001 )
67 The Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993)
66 Jape The Monkeys in the Zoo Have More Fun than Me ( 2004 )
65 Whipping Boy Heartworm ( 1995 )
64 The Blades Raytown Revisited ( 1985 )
63 The Undertones Hypnotised ( 1980 )
62 Hothouse Flowers People ( 1988 )
61 Luka Bloom Turf ( 1994 )
60 The Stunning Once Around the World ( 1992 )
59 Snow Patrol When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up (2001)
58 The Chalets Check-In ( 2005 )
57 Future Kings of Spain Future Kings of Spain ( 2003 )
56 An Emotional Fish An Emotional Fish ( 1990 )
55 Blink A Map of the Universe ( 1994 )
54 Picturehouse Karmarama ( 1998 )
53 Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material ( 1979 )
52 The Divine Comedy Casanova ( 1996 )
51 The Immediate In Towers and Clouds ( 2006 )
50 That Petrol Emotion Chemicrazy ( 1990 )
49 David Kitt Small Moments ( 2000 )
48 Kerbdog Kerbdog ( 1994 )
47 Pierce Turner The Sky and the Ground ( 1989 )
46 The Tycho Brahe Love/Life ( 2003 )
45 Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation ( 1977 )
44 Sultans of Swing Casual Sex in the Cineplex ( 1993 )
43 The Walls New Dawn Breaking ( 2005 )
42 Rollerskate Skinny Horsedrawn Wishes ( 1996 )
41 The Pogues Rum, Sodomy and the Lash ( 1985 )
40 Fionn Regan The End of History ( 2006 )
39 Damien Rice O ( 2002 )
38 Christy Moore Ride On ( 1984 )
37 Andy Irvine & Paul Brady Andy Irvine & Paul Brady ( 1976 )
36 David Holmes Bow Down to the Exit Sign ( 2000 )
35 U2 Achtung Baby ( 1991 )
34 Mick Flannery White Lies ( 2008 )
33 The Frames Dance the Devil ( 1999 )
32 A House I Am the Greatest ( 1991 )
31 The Radiators (from Space) Ghostown ( 1979 )
30 Moving Hearts The Storm ( 1985 )
29 Turn Forward ( 2003 )
28 Rory Gallagher Deuce ( 1971 )
27 Fight Like Apes And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (2008)
26 The Divine Comedy Fin de Siecle ( 1998 )
25 Bell x1 Neither Am I ( 2000 )
24 The Chieftains & Van Morrison Irish Heartbeat ( 1988 )
23 Wilt Bastinado ( 2000 )
22 Them The Angry Young Them ( 1965 )
21 Frank and Walters Grand Parade ( 2002 )
20 Cathal Coughlan Black River Falls ( 2000 )
19 Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill The Lonesome Touch ( 1997 )
18 Microdisney The Clock Comes Down the Stairs ( 1985 )
17 Mary Janes Sham ( 1998 )
16 The Undertones The Undetones ( 1979 )
15 Van Morrison Saint Dominic's Preview ( 1972 )
14 The Horslips The Book of Invasions: A Celtic Symphony (1976)
13 The Frames Fitzcarraldo ( 1995 )
12 Sinead O'Connor The Lion and the Cobra ( 1987 )
11 U2 The Unforgettable Fire ( 1984 )
10 The Stunning Paradise in the Picturehouse ( 1990 )
9 Bell x1 Music in Mouth ( 2003 )
8 Van Morrison Moondance ( 1970 )
7 Planxty Planxty ( 1973 )
6 Thin Lizzy Jailbreak ( 1976 )
5 Therapy? Troublegum ( 1994 )
4 My Bloody Valentine Loveless ( 1991 )
3 U2 The Joshua Tree ( 1987 )
2 Van Morrison Astral Weeks ( 1968 )
1 Mic Christopher Skylarkin ( 2002 )

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live: Sonic Youth at Vicar Street

It's been a while, but legends of rock Sonic Youth finally return to Dublin. They'll play Vicar Street on December 6th, to promote their current album The Eternal. Tickets cost €42.50-€49.20 and go on sale this Friday.

Watch a classic, 'Kool Thing':

p.s. My next post, due tomorrow is my 1000th. Expect something exciting.

Album Cover: Drive-By Truckers - The Fine Print

Album Cover: Drive-By Truckers - The Fine Print

I've mentioned this album of B-Sides before, but now we have a tracklist and album cover art I'm even more stoked.

1. George Jones Talkin’ Cell Phone Blues
2. Rebels
3. Uncle Frank (alternate version)
4. TVA
5. Goode’s Field Road (alternate version)
6. The Great Car Dealer War
7. Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
8. When The Well Runs Dry
9. Mrs. Claus’ Kimono
10. Play It All Night Long
11. Little Pony And The Great Big Horse
12. Like A Rolling Stone

September 1st can't come quick enough.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live: Oxegen 2009 Red Bull Music Academy

I keep hearing more and more great acts being announced for Oxegen 2009. I think this year has the best lineup ever. The latest of these is the Red Bull Music Academy stage who has a great selection of Irish and international artists. David Holmes, the 202s, Messiah J and the Expert are three must see Irish acts. And the international ones are just as good: Ladyhawke, Crystal Castles, Of Montreal. What a lineup.

Confirmed Days:
Friday 10th July:
Ladyhawke, M83, David Holmes

Saturday 11th July:
Crystal Castles, Tinchy Stryder, Telepathe, Goldielocks

Sunday 12th July:
Florence And The Machine, Of Montreal, Casio Kids

Day to be confirmed:
Chloe, Lukid, 202s, Defcon, Tuki, Mano le Tough, Colm Kenefic, Messiah J & The Expert, Johnny Moy, Jamie Woon, Mickey Dee, Onra, RSAG, Rory Donohue.

Live: Will Young at the Olympia Theatre

I know many people have absolutely no respect for Idol/Factor/Talent shows, but when it all boils down to it, these shows often unearth actual talent. I'm not talking about Alexandra or Michelle McManus or even Darius. But sometimes a Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson comes along. And in Britain, the best of these talent show winners is undoubtedly Will Young. No matter what you think of Pop Idol and the like, you can't deny that Will Young is a phenomenal singer, and has truly emerged as a proper artist in his own right. Thus I'm really excited to announce that he's playing the Olympia on Novemeber 10th.

Tickets cost €44.20 and go on sale this Friday (the 12th of June) at 9am. He's also playing Belfast's Waterfront the night before (the first night of his UK & Ireland tour), with tickets priced at £35.

Watch 'Grace' from Will's most recent album of the same name:

Oh and does anyone remember David Sneddon?

Download: Sean Bones - Dancehall

Sean Bones - Rings

Summer is the perfect time for indiepop. It's the perfect genre to counterbalance all those sunshine-sweet girlband tunes that fill the airwaves. Oh and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry too. Sean Bones is set to release Rings at the highpoint of summer on July 21st (a month too late for summer solstice, but July is usually warmer anyhow, right?). It's a bit like Vampire Weekend with a little Police thrown into the mix. See, perfect for the sunshine.

01 Easy Street
02 Cry Cry Cry
03 Coco
04 Act So Casual
05 Sugar In My Spoon
06 Instigator
07 Smoke Rings
08 Visions
09 Dancehall
10 Captain Tying Knots
11 Turn Them

Sean Bones - 'Dancehall'

More info:

Download: South Ambulance - Dear Mutiny

South Ambulance - Ep#5

Sweden's South Ambulance have just released EP#5, which is available on Indiecater Records for the cheap-cheap (like the bird) price of €2.50. How could you pass up an offer like that? If you don't know them, I've an mp3 of one of the tracks from the record, 'Dear Mutiny' to download.

1) Dear Mutiny
2) They Stick Together
3) What The Doctor Said
4) The Stay Away
5) Circling With Thee
6) Rabid Ghost

South Ambulance - 'Dear Mutiny'

Stream/Buy/More info:

And while we're talking of Mutinies, has anyone read John Boyne's novel Mutiny on the Bounty or the new one that's in the charts at the moment? I'm wondering are they worth getting.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Download: Dave Matthews Band - Lying in the Hands of God live

Second of two songs which made their live debuts last night, 'LITHOG' is yet another abbreviation for setlist readers to get used to. Pain in the ass if you ask me. Again, thanks to Jason for this.

Dave Matthews Band - 'Lying in the Hands of God' (live 06.06.09)

Download: Dave Matthews Band - You and Me live

Live from Hartford, CT last night. 'You and Me' made its first ever live appearance. Thanks to Jason for the recording and the link. He's a legend.

Dave Matthews Band - 'You and Me' (live 06.06.09)

Download: Bell x1 - I Fought the Law

While it's no Colin Farrell, Bell x1's cover of the Clash's seminal 'I Fought the Law' is a magnificent tribute. Recording as part of a four song appearance on the Daytrotter Sessions (America's version of the sadly missed Peel Sessions), they played three songs from new record Blue Lights on the Runway and this splendid cover.

Bell x1 - 'I Fought the Law'

Check out/Download the full show: