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Friday, January 1, 2010

News: Soundgarden Reunite

Great news Chris Cornell fans, Soundgarden have gotten back together. So instead of awful Timbaland produced crap, we'll have more grunge rock from one of the finest bands of the early 90s.

Not much news is out there yet, but they're going back to the studio to record a new album.

Fans are urged to sign up to their newsletter to find out the latest news:

The announcement there and on PearlJam.com reads:
"The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again"

More news when I hear it...

Remember these days?

Stream: I Am Not Lefthanded - Time to Leave

London-based semi-Irish band I am Not Lefthanded will be releasing their newest EP later this year. They're also redesigning their website to make it a little more interactive. Most importantly is news of a European Tour, where they'll be travelling all over, including Ireland. I'll have news of this nearer the date, but expect them to arrive back on our shores sometime in March.

As for the EP, it's called Time to Leave, and you can stream it in full here:

Live: Alright the Captain Irish Tour

Alright the Captain will be back touring around Ireland in February in order to promote their upcoming debut album, as well as a split EP they've recorded with Beyond This Point Are Monsters. The debut album should be out some time later this year on Field Records.

Chrik will be supporting them at all their Irish dates.

Tour Dates

February 2010:
16th - Auntie Annie's, Belfast w/ W.A.R
17th - Mason's, Derry w/ W.A.R
18th - Baker Place, Limerick W/ c!ties
19th - The Quad, Cork
20th - Twisted pepper, Dublin w/ Friend?

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Album News: Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can

Laura Marling's second album I Speak Because I Can will be released on Virgin on the 2nd of March 2010. It'll be produced by uber-producer Ethan Johns and will be a more rootsy album than her debut.

Lead single 'Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)' came out last week and gives a hint of what to expect. Have a listen below.

Laura Marling - 'Goodbye England'


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Setlist: Madness, O2 Dublin, 28 December 2009

Suggs brought the Madness to Dublin's O2 on Monday (see what I did there), for one of the last big gigs of 2009. It went down a treat with all their longterm fans (somehow I doubt there were many new converts), as they played a mix of old and new.

1.One Step Beyond 4:12 Min.
2.Embarrassment 3:47 Min. (with Help interpolation)
3.The Prince 3:04 Min.
4.NW5 4:40 Min.
5.My Girl 3:13 Min.
6.Dust Devil 3:54 Min.
7.Sun & The Rain 4:30 Min.
8.Johnny The Horse 3:26 Min.
9.Shut Up 3:47 Min.
10.In The Rain 2:32 Min.
11.Clerkenwell Polka 4:55 Min.
12.Iron Shirt 3:51 Min.
13.MKII 2:05 Min.
14.Bed & Breakfast Man 3:00 Min.
15.That Close 4:12 Min.
16.Ernie 2:25 Min.
17.Forever Young 5:21 Min.
18.House Of Fun 2:47 Min.
19.Wings Of A Dove 3:11 Min.
20.Baggy Trousers 2:26 Min.
21.Our House 3:51 Min.
22.It Must Be Love 6:27 Min.
23.Tarzan's Nuts 2:17 Min.
24.Madness 3:48 Min.
25.Night Boat To Cairo 4:52 Min.

Set thanks to Mad.Irishman on the Madness Central Forum.

Watch 'Ernie' live in Dublin:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Download: Ryan Adams - Exit Inn Bootleg with Gillian Welch

Ryan Adams - Exit Inn

Fantastic early Ryan Adams solo show which has Gillian Welch on guitar and vocals in the latter half. Recorded October 28, 1999 at the Exit/In, Nashville, Tennessee.

Transfer & Mastered by Joel Swaney (ryanadamsarchive@gmail.com)
Lineage: SBD > DAT(clone) > M1(Digital Out) > Adobe Audition 1.5(T-Racks) > WAV > FLAC

[Disc I]
01. Born Yesterday
02. Funny How I'm Losing You
03. Memories Of You
04. Oh My Sweet Valentine
05. To Be The One
06. Hey There, Mrs. Lovely
07. In My Time Of Need
08. Onslow County
09. Folklore

[Disc II]
01. Revelator*
02. Dancing With The Women At The Bar*

1st Encore:
03. Helpless*
04. Return Of The Grievous Angel*
05. 16 Days*

2nd Encore:
06. Nighttime Gals
07. Statuettes With Wounds
08. Avenues

Ryan Adams (Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica)
Gillian Welch (Vocals / Guitar)*

Ryan Adams - 'Return of the Grievous Angel'
Ryan Adams - 'Hey There, Mrs Lovely'

Full Show