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Friday, October 17, 2008

Album Review: Fight Like Apes - And The Mystery of the Golden Medallion

Fight Like Apes - And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion album cover art

Fight Like Apes – And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion

Every now and then someone comes along with the nugget “guitar bands are dead”. It’s probably best known as an infamous quote about the Beatles. I don’t think guitar bands will ever die out. Just like the way vinyl will stay around for a long time due to that warmth it gives. But if guitar bands did die out, then we shouldn’t worry. There are bands such as this, which don’t need guitar. They’ve got enough bells and whistles already.

And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion is Fight Like Apes’ full album debut. They already have received tonnes of hype for their first two EPs; hype which was very much well deserved. The hype machine has turned up again for this record. And rightly so: It’s fantastic. A lot of Irish acts are lauded just because of our innate patriotism: “burn everything British but the coal”. There are acts like the Delorentos and the Blizzards where it’s a case of the passport being more important than the music. However, with acts like Messiah J & the Expert and Fight Like Apes, there’s much more music than passport.

This album should be massive. It’s produced by the guy who produced Death cab for Cutie, and thanks to The OC, they’re massive. If there was a just world, Fight Like Apes would be appearing on bigger shows than The Cafe (granted that’s one of the better shows on RTE). They just need Stereogum or someone to pick up one of their songs, and then they’d be set. Watch the foreign plaudits roll in. Maybe next year’s Mercury Music Prize would do the same job...

It’d be hard to do a full track-by-track review of this record, as I don’t think even the English language has enough superlatives. ‘Something Global’ resonates with the line “give me my hook”, but I don’t think they need to ask, because there are hooks buried underneath hooks on this album. ‘Jake Summers’ has been reimagined for the album proper (given a more straight-forward sound than the EP version), but still retains the fantastic verse: “you’re like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but without the taste / Hey you, get some grace, you know you’re Driving Miss Daisy all over the place.”

Fight Like Apes aren’t afraid to name drop. Simple Kid, Gladstone, Little Beau Peep, Swear I’m Not Paul. Wait, scratch that last one. Maybe on the next record. They’re not afraid to f’ and blind’ either, but this is a PG blog, so maybe come back and visit after the watershed. There are wonderful lyrics sprinkled throughout the album: “I would cut you with glass / If you hadn’t got such a pretty ass“; “Mary had a little lamb / And it got fired...Humpty Dumpty had a bad fall / And he got fired...You’re so fired.” “You’re so informed / Yet you talk just like a lout / You say Yo La Tengo like you’re selling perfume / Like a brand new scent for modern man invented by cartoons”.

Even the songs that aren’t brilliant are still better than most anything on other albums. ‘Battlestations’ is among the weaker tracks here, but it’s still probably one of the best 200 songs of the year. Cut out the screaming, and it could’ve cracked the top 50. ‘Do You Karate?’ on the other hand, is probably one of the top 5 songs of the year. Remind me of this in December, when I go to make my list. Although with the regular rotation this is getting on my iPod, I doubt I’ll forget this song. Ever.

Truly one of the best albums of the year. Definitely the best Irish album of the year. Probably one of the best Irish albums ever. Yes, it is that good. Don’t tell me you haven’t bought it yet. Tut, tut, tut.

Weekend Gigs: 17-19 October 2008

Great weekend for gigs once again. At least one must-see show every night this weekend. Times New Viking, Los Campesinos! and No Age is probably the best billing of the year. Three great bands for under €16. How can you resist?

Oxjam on Saturday is a brilliant idea from secondary-school students to make money for Oxfam, and deserves every piece of support. In the evening, head over to Andrew's Lane for Messiah J and the Expert's album launch party. Sure to be great fun.

And on Sunday, Jenny Lewis plays a solo show at The Button Factory, showcasing her new album Acid Tongue, and may even throw in a Rilo Kiley tune or two.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Messiah J and the Expert
Tower Records
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Olympia Theatre
Times New Viking / Los Campesinos! / No Age

Saturday, 18 october 2008

Fall Out Boy
Cyndi Lauper
Messiah J and the Expert
Andrew's Lane Theatre
Gilbert O'SullivanOlympia Theatre20:00€34
OxjamAmbassador Theatre

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Jenny Lewis
The Button Factory
Gilbert O'SullivanOlympia Theatre20:00€34
Vicar Street

Cancelled: My Morning Jacket at Tripod

My Morning Jacket

First, it was moved to a new venue, but now it's been cancelled altogether. My Morning Jacket have pulled out of their European tour due to Jim James's recent injury. Valid excuse, he's no Janet Jackson. Same initials though.

Full refunds are available from point of purchase.

Don't worry though, Seasick Steve and the rest are still due to play.

Live: Eric Clapton at the O2

Best O2 announcement so far. This is sure to please thousands of Irish fans, and as a result sell out in mere minutes.

Slowhand himself will play the former Point Depot on May 11th, 2009. Tickets go on sale next Thursday, priced €76.25 and €91.25.

Watch 'Cocaine' live:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Watch: Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

You may not know it, but many of the tracks from the upcoming Animal Collective album Merriweather Post Pavilion have already been played live. Her I've compiled them all into one neat post, to watch at your leisure. And to drool with anticipation over the new record.

'In the Flowers':

'My Girls':

'The Dreamer':

'Summertime Clothes':

'Daily Routine':

Not played live yet.

'Guys Eyes':
Not played live yet.


'Lion in a Coma': (from Whelan's)

'No More Runnin':

'Brother Sport':

Download: Kanye West - 'Heartless'

Another new tune from the upcoming 'Ye record 808's and Heartbreak. Bad use of apostrophe there, Kanye.

He put it up for streaming on his blog, but I Guess I'm Floating has it available for download. Get it here:

Album News: Franz Ferdinand - Tonight Tracklisting

A full tracklisting for the upcoming anti-Franz record has been announced. It features some songs which have been played live recently, such as 'Lucid Dreams'.

‘Turn It On’
‘Kiss Me’
‘Twilight Omens’
‘Send Him Away’
‘Live Alone’
‘Bite Hard’
‘What She Came For’
‘Can’t Stop Feeling’
‘Lucid Dreams’
‘Dream Again’
‘Katherine Kiss Me’

Watch/listen to 'Lucid Dreams':

Live: Lionel Richie at the O2

Hello, is it the Point you're looking for? Legendary crooner (and father of that tool Nicole), Lionel Richie will play Dublin's O2 on March 13th, 2009.

Tickets are priced between €59.80 and €76.25 and go on sale next Wednesday, the 22nd of October.

Watch 'Hello':

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Album Cover: Coldplay - Prospekt's March EP

Coldplay - Prospekt's march EP album cover art

Exactly what you'd expect...

Album News: Franz Ferdinand - Tonight

Franz Ferdinand poster

People who've spoken to me in real life will know how I've given out about Franz Ferdinand's second album. It's nothing to do with the quality of the record, in fact it's all about the fact that they didn't go with their original idea of calling the record Franz Ferdinand like the first, and just giving it a different colour scheme. This would have made it far more interesting for me, and much more Led Zeppelin!

You've probably already heard that the new record will be called Tonight, as in Tonight: Franz Ferdinand! Clever, but I still would've preferred this to be Franz Ferdinand III or the Blue Franz Ferdinand.

The album will be released January 23rd, 2009 in Ireland. (26th and 27th in the UK and USA), and will contain a song called 'Ulysses'. Whether that's anything to do with Joyce or Homer, I'm not sure.

Live: The Game at the Ambassador

With the recent slew of "what the hell" announcements for the O2 (Point), I would've thought The Game could have played there. Promoters these days...

In fact, he's set to play the Ambassador on December 16th. No sign of 50 Cent or the rest of G-Unit, but who needs them? I actually like the Game's voice, although that's about it. He's a good singer. He should stick to the singing parts. Not the rap.

Tickets for the Ambassador show go on sale on Friday and cost €46. Bloody expensive. Teens, get your folks to get them for you for Christmas!

Live: Lisa Hannigan at Vicar Street

Another December gig. Another Lisa Hannigan show. These updates never end. But Lisa deserves it. Her album is pretty decent (not as good as Fight Like Apes, but a contender for one of the best Irish albums of the year). You may have read my review here:

Lisa is set to play Vicar Street (her biggest gig yet) on December 13th. Tickets are a Budget-inflated €25, and go on sale next Monday (the 20th of October).

Watch 'Teeth' on Other Voices:

Bizarre: Ryan Adams 'Fix It' Comic

Ryan Adams 'Fix It' comic
Click to enlarge.

A little tease of the comic which comes with the new Ryan Adams record Cardinology, which I may have mentioned once or twice here. Is it my top label yet? Getting close anyway!

The comic is by Leah Hayes, and can be read either by clicking the image above, or else on the Cardinals' site here:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Live: AC/DC at the O2

Will it never end? More pointless acts announced for a "Point"-less arena. God I am a genius sometimes. What's with all this AC/DC furore? They were only half-decent in the first place. First New Kids on the Block. Now this? I just don't get it. That said, it'll still probably sell out.

Watch 'Thunderstruck' live at Donnington:

Live: Oasis at Slane Castle 2009

Well, according to the Mirror or some rag. But On the Record blog has it, so I definitely think it's true then.

No dates, ticket prices, anything. But it's exactly what you'd expect for the return of Slane. A band past their best playing to fans who lap up everything they do. No new ground broken so.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ryan Adams Cardinology leaked

News people! It's out there. However, I will not provide any links for it. So don't bother asking.

P.S. Ryan, I love you. (Maybe I might not be saying that after I actually listen to the record!)

'Cobwebs' is brilliant live. Hopefully it'll be as good on record.

Download: Super Extra Bonus Party - Appetite for Reconstruction

Clever album title. Although Sean Connery would call it "ape tit", well not quite, but what a sketch!

Appetite for Reconstruction is the new remix album from Super Extra Bonus Party. It's available as a free download. You can't ask for much more than that, now can you?

Download it here:

Alternatively, just click Download in the cute picture below:

Drone Rock (Decal Remix) by Super Extra Bonus Party

Album News: Oasis - Another album on the way?

They're number 1 in the UK album charts this week, but allegedly they've already begun work on the follow-up to Dig Out Your Soul.

Have no idea where this is from, if someone can tell me I'll add a link:

Noel Gallagher has already written and demoed Oasis's follow up to Dig Out Your Soul. And, of course, it's "sickeningly good".
In an interview with London radio station XFM, Gallagher claims the band's next album has been written on a miniature kids drumkit in a cupboard-sized studio.
Talking about Dig Out Your Soul track Get Off Your High Horse Lady, he said: "There are another two songs that are really, really brilliant. One called I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine which is a big Champagne Supernova, Stairway To Heaven-thing, which is amazing. And another one called Come On It's Alright which has a 50-piece choir signing the chorus on it."
I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine found its way onto YouTube a few months back and many fans expected the song to be on Dig Out Your Soul.
"I wrote and demoed a full album while we were in the studio," Gallagher continued. "While we were mixing the album in the studio we had another studio that consisted of a cupboard and this little GarageBand thing in the corner. We bought a miniature kids' drum kit and wrote another record."
Gallagher added, typically, modestly, that the new songs he's written are sounding "sickeningly good".
"The new stuff is a proper concept. Have you heard Neil Young's Greendale? I say it with a smile on my face because as I'm saying it, I'm thinking: 'you pretentious c*nt'. It's all songs about characters and all the songs will have titles and in brackets it'll be 'AKA The Shopkeeper'.
"I've got to say, they're sickeningly good. Dave Sardy (producer) was freaking out saying: We should record these now."
Stop The Clocks - not to be confused with the compilation album of the same name - is another Oasis song that has never been released.
Despite the leaks of tracks from Dig Out Your Soul, the album sold 89,434 copies on its first day on sale in the UK (6 October), making it one of 2008's fastest first-day sellers. It's almost certain to be Number 1 in the UK chart on 12 October, the band's seventh Number 1 studio album in a row.

Cancelled: Orchestra Baobob

Orchestra Baobob's Vicar Street gig, originally intended for October 18th has been canceled. Not postponed, so no rescheduled gig.

Full refunds are available from point of purchase. Although how you put a ticket back into the internet, I don't know. I suppose you could go to an actual ticketmaster outlet...