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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Album News: Of Montreal - Jon Brion Remix EP

Of Montreal Jon Brion Remix

In 13 days from now I will defean my neighbours. Either due to the loudness of playing Jon Brion's remix of tracks from Of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping or else just from hollering with delight. Either way, the 16th of January will be a great day.

Upcoming Brilliance: Sound of 2009

Forget about BBC's Sound of 2009 (although that'll make for a great read next week), this is where it's all happening. These are the acts you need to hear in 2009. Well, this is what I think anyway... (they're in alphabetical order, so no-one is above another)

Broken Records
Broken Records are a Scottish band that are miles better than Glasvegas, if only because they've a cello, violin, trombone and mandolin. Yet they remain a rock band. Oh and someone has called them the Scottish Arcade Fire. Not a bad comparison. Glorious. I cannot wait for their debut album, as new single 'Lies' and 'If The News Make You Sad, Don't Watch It' are both tremendous.
New single 'Lies':

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/brokenrecordsedinburgh

Fiction Family
Punch Brothers were the must-hear Nickel Creek offshoot of 2008 led by Chris Thile, but 2009 will be the year of Sean Watkins. His band, formerly known as The Real Sean Jon release their debut record at the end of this month (the 20th) on Dave Matthews' ATO Records. Check out their new single 'When She's Near':

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/fictionfamily

Florence and the Machine
Florence and the Machine are going to be massive in 2009. You mark my words. Of all the people I list here, no-one else will probably rise so rapidly. It's amazing that you haven't heard of her already. Oh wait you have? And what song? Of course, the excellent 'Kiss With A Fist'

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/florenceandthemachinemusic

Mr Hudson
Kanye West's latest protege will be just like Estelle, A-Track and John Legend - massive. This man knows music. Kanye knows more about music than most PR men. And he'll tell you so. Similarily, he'll tell you how brilliance Mr Hudson is. And every time he says something like that about someone other than himself, you just have to stand up and listen.
'Picture of You':

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mrhudson

Mumford and Sons
The best new live act I saw in 2008 wasn't even the full band. It was just band leader Marcus by himself, supporting Laura Marling at Whelan's, and he was fantastic. Forget about Noah and the Whale, this is the future of British pop-folk.
'White Blank Page':
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mumfordandsons

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
80s pop along the line of A Flock of Seagul..well, maybe not them. But the kind of music that used to be on the radio when it was good. They've a horrible name, but they make enchanting music. 'Everything with You':

MySpace: www.myspace.com/thepainsofbeingpureatheart

Passion Pit
This band are on every list. And it's no wonder why. They're fantastic. I've talked about them numerous times on this blog, and I'm not about to stop any time soon. Expect them to crop up on a lot of end-of-year lists too. 'Sleepyhead':

MySpace: www.myspace.com/passionpitjams

Jay Jay Pistolet
It's not fair that people born much later than me are succesful. What will be fair, however, is the success of Jay Jay Pistolet. He's been around since 2007 and really should've released an album last year, so hopefully he'll finally do it in 2009. 'We Are Free':

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jayjaypistolet

Also be on the lookout for VV Brown, White Lies, and John Mayer.

Yes, that John Mayer. If he does release an album in 2009 (and I hope to God it does), he'll be huge. The publicity has already been done. He's probably the best young guitarist I've ever seen. His work with John Mayer Trio is impeccable. Just watch this, if you don't believe me:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Other: Cheap DVDs in the January sales

Best post comments of the year for 2008 award (that's badly worded, but you know what I mean): Jim Carroll's post on cheap DVDs coming up to Christmas, here:

A brilliant idea which should be kept up. I just thought I'd point you in that direction, and also tell you about some great prices I found in Zavvi (which could be closing) in Dundrum today.

I noticed/bought:
House MD Series 1 for €14.39
The Shield Series 1 for €11.69
The Unit Series 1 for €17.09
Various seasons of the Wire for €31.49
Various seasons of Friends for €10.79 (although with E4 why would you need them?)
Every CSI Box ever at €13.49

Everything else has 10% off the marked price!

So pop on down now, before it's closed for good. Or else let me (or Jim) know of other great bargains.

Tracklist: U2 - No Line on the Horizon

U2 No Line on the Horizon Q Magazine

Perhaps this might be the right order, here's the confirmed tracks from Q Magazine for the new U2 record, No Line on the Horizon:
1. "Stand Up"
2. "Magnificent"
3. "Get Your Boots On"
4. "Moment of Surrender"
5. "Unknown Caller"
6. "No Line on the Horizon"
7. "Crazy Tonight"
8. "Every Breaking Wave"
9. "Breathe"
10. "Winter"
11. "The Cedars of Lebanon"

And perhaps there will be room for two other rumoured tracks:
"For Your Love"

Please note: 'Stand Up' has nothing to do with the disappointing Dave Matthews Band album or song of the same name!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Album News: Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware

And we're back for 2009. That was a nice few day's break down visiting the in-laws. Now it's over, it's back to blogging!

Will Oldham is set to release another record (not long after his last), under his Bonnie 'Prince' Billy guise. It's called Beware, and will be released March 13th in Ireland (16th in the UK, and St Patrick's Day in the States).

In addition to Oldham's band (Josh Abrams of Town and Country, Jennifer Hutt, Emmett Kelly of the Cairo Gang, and Michael Zerang), the guest list on Beware includes Dee Alexander, Leroy Bach (ex-Wilco), Jim Becker, Robert Cruz, DV DeVincentis, Jon Langford (Mekons), Greg Leisez, Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground/Isotope 217, Exploding Star Orchestra), Nicole Mitchell (Exploding Star Orchestra, Frequency), and Azita Youssefi.

01 Beware Your Only Friend
02 You Can't Hurt Me Now
03 My Life's Work
04 Death Final
05 Heart's Arms
06 You Don't Love Me
07 You Are Lost
08 I Won't Ask Again
09 I Don't Belong to Anyone
10 There Is Something I Have to Say
11 I Am Goodbye
12 Without Work, You Have Nothing
13 Untitled Afraid Ain't Me