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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setlist: Pink, RDS Dublin, 17 June 2010

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Pink came back to Ireland for yet another date on her endless Funhouse tour. This time it was the Summer Carnival leg of the tour, having played the O2 a number of times in the past year. She was enamoured with Dublin once again, praising the Dunbrody House Hotel in Arthurstown on her twitter, as well as having this to say once the gig itself was over (all [sic]): "Oh dublin. My drunk fun consistent lover. I have always loved your spirit and I still do. We made tonight our bitch. TANKS!"


Get the Party Started intro
Ave Mary A
Who Knew
Bad Influence
Please Don't Leave Me
I'm Not Dead
My Generation/Basket Case
I Don't Believe You

Dear Mr President
What's Up
Just Like a Pill
Try Too Hard
U and Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone
So What

Watch Pink singing 'Dear Mr President' live at the RDS, Dublin: