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Friday, October 9, 2009

Watch: The Killers - Live from the Royal Albert Hall promo

The Killers - Live from the Royal Albert Hall

The Killers live album/DVD is out in a few weeks time and to promote it, they've released a trailer for Live from the Royal Albert Hall, recorded on July 5th and 6th of this year. So if you were disappointed to have missed them at Oxegen, then this may be for you!

Set List:
This Is Your Life
Somebody Told Me
For Reasons Unknown
The World We Live In
I Can’t Stay
Bling (Confessions Of A King)
Smile Like You Mean It
Losing Touch
A Dustland Fairytale
Sam’s Town (Acoustic)
Read My Mind
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done
Sweet Talk
This River Is Wild
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
When You Were Young

Watch the trailer:

Album News: The Gaslight Anthem - New album

Great news Gaslight Anthem fans. They're set to go back into the studio in January to record a new album, which is set to be a straight-up rock record.

Watch frontman Brian Fallon talking about what the next record will be like:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Watch: King Khan and the Shrines - live at Whelan's

King Khan and the Shrines played a stormer at Whelan's last night (October 7th), and Jay recorded and posted this video of 'Land of the Freak'. I haven't had a chance to get the setlist, but if you know it, please email me swearimnotpaul [at] gmail.

Watch King Khan and the Shrines - 'Land of the Freak':

Stream: The XX - The XX

The XX are this year's next big thing (like Vampire Weekend or MGMT last year), but if you haven't heard of them yet, you can stream their album in full to see what you'e missing. Pitchfork gave it 8.7, so many people are bound to be hopping on the bandwagon. Personally I don't think it's that fantastic, but it is a fairly accomplished debut.

Stream it in full here:

Download: Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

I've been championing Mumford and Sons for ages now, and they've finally released their debut record Sigh No More. They've recorded a Lounge Session for Woxy.com, which will give you a glimpse at why they're so good. I'd recommend you download the full show over at Woxy (from the link below), and then after you've loved that, go out and buy the album itself.

Track Listing:
Sigh No More
Little Lion Man
White Blank Page
I Gave You All
The Cave

Mumford and Sons - 'Little Lion Man' (live)

Find the rest of the show here:

Here they are performing on BalconyTV:

Album News: Neil Diamond - A Cherry Cherry Christmas

Look out Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond is set to challenge you for the position of the old grey jolly man this Christmas. Neil is set to release his dose of carols and new tunes A Cherry, Cherry Christmas on October 13th - early enough for all the shops to get it early. Remember, Christmas music will be everywhere from November 1st!

Cherry Cherry Christmas
Sleigh Ride
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
White Christmas
Christmas Dream
The Christmas Song
Deck The Halls / We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
You Make It Feel Like Christmas
Winter Wonderland
Joy To The World
Amazing Grace
Meditations On A Winter Night (Instrumental)
The Chanukah Song

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Live: The Chapters at the Academy

Dubliners The Chapters will be playing a headline gig at the Academy on November 20th. It's sure to be a great gig featuring one of Ireland's finest upcoming acts. Tickets go on sale Friday and are priced at €14.50.

They release new single 'Moving' at the end of the month, which is taken from Perfect Stranger, and the single version sounds amazing. (Not that the album itself isn't - it's a perfect piece of pop!)

Watch 'Videotapes':

Watch: Monsters of Folk - The Right Place

New video from M Ward, Conor Oberst, and Jim James vehicle Monsters of Folk.

Watch 'The Right Place':

Also, download the 2004 Monsters of Folk bootleg I posted yesterday here:

Download: Glen Hansard - Break the Waves bootleg

No idea why this bootleg is called 'Break the Waves', but it's from Glen's visit to the Czech Republic in 2002, and has Marketa Irglova on stage with him. So essentially, this is a very early Swell Season bootleg. Which is a great reminder of how great they are in anticipation of Strict Joy!

Glen Hansard (with Marketa Irglova)
"Break The Waves"

Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - "Spolak"
Czech Republic
26th August 2002

Taper: Unknown

Disc 1:
01 Lay Me Down
02 Buzzin` Fly (Tim Buckley)
03 What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
04 Stars Are Underground
05 Rent Day Blues
06 The Blood
07 Trying
08 Cactus (The Pixies)
09 Devil Town
10 Santa Maria

Disc 2:
01 Your Face
02 Revelate
03 Fitzcarraldo
04 Falling Slowly
05 Heyday (Mic Christopher)
06 Star Star**
07 New Partner (Will Oldham)
08 Jesus Blood
09 Headlong

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - 'Falling Slowly' (live 2002)

Disc 1
Disc 2

Live: Emmett Tinley performing Prayer Boat's Pochinelle

Great news Prayer Boat fans, Emmett Tinley and his band will be performing the Prayer Boat's Pochinelle at Whelan's on the 14th of October. Doors are at 8 p.m. Tickets are €21.50. The album itself appeared as number 68 on my list of the best Irish albums of all time, which can be seen here.

He'll also be playing Paradiso on Weteringschans 6-8 in Amsterdam, so my bro can go to that in December!

Here's the press release:
The Prayer Boat's Polichinelle is being remastered and repackaged for 10th Anniversary. Emmett Tinley and band will perform the album in its entirety in Whelan’s on 14th October as part of the venues 20th Birthday celebrations. A copy of the anniversary album is included in the ticket price.

Having been remixed and re-ordered for various record companies in its lifetime, the Prayer Boat's Polichinelle became a classic music industry cliché. An album that found favour and love amongst many in the music business, media and record companies but only ever found its way into a few record collections. It's not that nobody tried. The album came out in the US in 2001 on Atlantic and was well received but it's momentum was lost after 9/11 as Atlantic, like most, were in disarray and a tour at that time was pulled.

Here's 'Dark Green' on Kenny Live back in the day:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Download: Molina and Johnson - Twenty Circles to the Ground

Jason Molina and Will Johnson's self-titled record is due out on the 3rd of November, and at last I have something concrete from it. '20 Circles' is available for download via Secretly Canadian, and you can grab it below. Enjoy!

Jason Molina & Will Johnson - 'Twenty Circles to the Ground'

Download: Monsters of Folk - Providence, RI - 2nd August 2004 bootleg

Long before this year, the Monsters of Folk appeared together across the US. This show is from 2004 when M Ward, Conor Oberst, and Jim James played Providence, Rhode Island on the 2nd of August. You can download the full bootleg below, as well as a couple of sample mp3s.

O'Brien's Nocturne
Vincent O'Brien
One in the Same
It Beats for You
By My Car
I Can't Wait
The Bear
Bermuda Highway
Train Under Water
Going for the Gold
We are Nowhere and it is Now
Waste of Point
The Big Picture
Amy in the White Coat
One Foot in Front of the Other
Seashell Tale
You Were Always on My Mind
Metal Firecracker
At Dawn
At the Bottom of Everything
Outta My Head
Girl from the North Country

Monsters of Folk - 'You Were Always on My Mind'
Monsters of Folk - 'Girl from the North Country'

Full Show

Album News: The Felice Brothers - Mixtape CD

As you may already know from me constantly harping on about them, the Felice Brothers' Yonder is the Clock is one of my favourite albums of the year. What you may not know is that some of the outtakes from that record have been compiled into a CD which the band had been selling at their live shows, called The Mixtape.

However, the band's label caught word of this and thought that it would be a much better idea to make this into a somewhat official release and should be available on iTunes in the near future. I'll tell you more when I hear it.

1.) Forever Green
2.) Ahab (Christmas sings this one)
3.) White Limo
4.) Let Me Come Home
5.) Captain’s Wife
6.) New Mexico
7.) 17 Years
8.) Marie
9.) Marlboro Man

Watch a Clip:

Here's 'Marlboro Man' live:

Also, check out this great Felice Brothers blog:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rant: John and Edward on X Factor 2009

The final twelve leak that emerged last week was true, and in there I gave my opinions on the finalists for this year's X Factor. However as the show progressed last night, X Factor and the #xfactor tag were trending on twitter. Then at one stage, the tag jumped to number one and another trend emerged "Louis Walsh" was the sixth most talked about thing. For one reason...

Here is a very, very small sample of the (very justified) outrage following Louis's decision to put the twins John and Edward Grimes through to the live finals:

Good morning all! I'm hoping that john and Edward through to the #xfactor was some kind of nightmare. Wish it was as then I could wake up!

Hi i'm John.....and i'm Edward.....and together we're gonna get BATTERED walking down the street. Biggest pair of idiots on earth.

Considering boycotting the rest of the series of X-factor after John and Edward got through. FFS!

John and Edward going through just proves that Louis is seriously deluded

I think I've realised what I don't like about John and Edward on #xfactor is that they act just like Ned Flanders' kids


At one stage, there was even a #hatethetwins hashtag too! Also, there has been a few groups formed on Facebook, such as "Get the Cramp Twins Out of X Factor" and "John and Edward are vile little creatures".

This is the main reason they are so awful...

Oh, and just to end on something positive and funny, the best moment of X Factor 2009 so far...

Download: Thom Yorke - Echoplex, 2 October 2009 Bootleg

This compilation bootleg of Thom Yorke's new band's warm-up show at the Echoplex in Los Angeles was put together by hasan over at at ease, from the recordings of three other users, and is a splendid compilation. The name of the original taper is in brackets. All have done a fantastic job, especially getting this out so quick.

Also, check out some of mytraveltales' videos on youtube here.

1. The Eraser (mytraveltales)
2. Analyze (mytraveltales)
3. The Clock (mytraveltales)
4. Black Swan (mytraveltales)
5. Skip Divided (mytraveltales)
6. Atoms for Peace (suprefan)
7. And It Rained All Night (mytraveltales)
8. Harrowdown Hill (mytraveltales)
9. Cymbal Rush (mytraveltales)
10. Open The Floodgates (mytraveltales)
11. Lotus Flower (suprefan)
12. Skirting On The Surface (no pro3lem)
13. Judge, Jury, Executioner (suprefan)
14. Paperbag Writer (mytraveltales)
15. The Hollow Earth (mytraveltales)
16. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (mytraveltales)

Thom Yorke - 'Lotus Flower'

Full Show

Watch: Thom Yorke - Skirting on the Surface and other new songs

Thom Yorke's new solo band or whatever you want to call it, made its full live debut last night at the Orpheum Theatre. On Friday they had warmed up with a similar set at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. The main set was the entire The Eraser album (Yorke's only full solo output to date), with new songs coming in the encores. You can watch some of the new stuff below.

Orpheum Theatre setlist:
01 The Eraser
02 Analyse
03 The Clock
04 Black Swan
05 Skip Divided
06 Atoms For Peace
07 And It Rained All Night
08 Harrowdown Hill
09 Cymbal Rush
10 Lotus Flower (Moon Upon A Stick) (solo)
11 Open The Floodgates (solo)
12 Super Collider (solo)
13 Paperbag Writer
14 Judge, Jury & Executioner
15 The Hollow Earth
16 Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

Echoplex Setlist:
01 The Eraser
02 Analyse
03 The Clock
04 Black Swan
05 Skip Divided
06 Atoms for Peace
07 And It Rained All Night
08 Harrowdown Hill
09 Cymbal Rush
10 Open the Floodgates (solo)
11 Lotus Flower (solo)
12 Skirting on the Surface (solo)
13 Judge, Jury, Executioner (solo)
14 Paperbag Writer
15 The Hollow Earth
16 Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses

'Open the Floodgates':

'Lotus Flower':

'Skirting on the Surface':