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Friday, March 12, 2010

Album News: Ryan Adams - Orion

Ryan Adams - Orion

Ryan Adams is to release a new album in 2010. Next week, Pax Am will be pressing his "most legit METAL record" on vinyl, and you can hear a sample song at his website. It's called Orion, gettit? On the site, there's a poll asking whether you'd buy said record - please click "yes" to ensure he releases this behemoth on the world.

Further info as it appears...

Sample the tune here:

Album News: Villagers - Becoming a Jackal

The full tracklist for Conor O'Brien's debut album as Villagers has been announced. The former Immediate frontman releases Becoming a Jackal on May 14th on Domino Records, and will be preceded by the single of the same name. The album is also due to include 'The Meaning of the Ritual' from last year's EP. Conor is currently over in the US preparing for SXSW.

I Saw The Dead’
‘Ship Of Promises’
‘The Meaning Of The Ritual’
‘Home’, ‘That Day’
‘The Pact (I’ll Be Your Fever)’
‘Set The Tigers Free’
‘Twenty-Seven Strangers'
‘To Be Counted Among Men’
'Becoming a Jackal'

Watch 'Becoming a Jackal' official video:

Album Review: Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do

 Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do

Drive-By Truckers - The Big To Do

The Big To-Do is the eight studio album from Alabaman rock juggernauts Drive-By Truckers. Their first, Gangstabilly came in 1998, and since then they have gone from strength to strength, with 2004's The Dirty South marking their highpoint. They're one of the most consistent bands around, and the departure of Jason Isbell following A Blessing and a Curse has allowed Shonna Tucker to shine. She contributed three songs to the lengthy Brighter Than Creation's Dark, but here the songs really fit the mood of the album.

Another reason the band has improved on that last outing (and don't get me wrong, BTCD is an outright four-star record) is that they've cut down on the number of songs on this album. It's more cohesive than previous attempts, with only 13 songs on the physical CD release. In an interview with yours truly in December of last year, Patterson Hood said that the album was "very much a rock album. Very melodic and more rocking than anything since disc 2 of Southern Rock Opera." From the opening chords of 'Daddy Learned to Fly' you realise he definitely wasn't lying.

One part of DBT's famed "three axe attack" that often goes unsaid is the harmony vocals, which really shine through on the oohs of 'Daddy Learned to Fly'. Keyboardist Jay Gonzalez also figures prominently on the tune, adding to the melody rather than overshadowing it. There's nothing on this album that is over-cooked. It's all the perfect blend of balls-out-rock and memorable melody.

There are many brand new anthems here. 'The Fourth Night of My Drinking' is a wonderful tale of drunken recollection. Many of the lines are inspired: "The second night of my drinking / I was looking for my car / And as luck would have it / I found it parked outside my favourite bar". The repeated refrain "It's gonna be through with me before I'm through with it" will undoubtedly become a carrion call for many late night revellers. 'This Fucking Job' is another tune bound to connect with many listeners: "Workin' this job is a kick in the pants / Workin' this job is like a knife in the back / It ain't gettin' me further than the dump I live in / It ain't gettin' me further than the next paycheck". A brand new anthem for commuters everywhere.

There are many highlights here. 'After the Scene Dies' is the song the Hold Steady wish they could write. 'Santa Fé' is a beautiful track with a gorgeous chorus. It also makes splendid use of John Neff's pedal steel. Highly addictive. 'The Flying Wallendas' is a great example of how Patterson Hood can make a slow song work just as well as the more upbeat ones. The musicianship on it is immense, as it must be said it is throughout this album.

Mike Cooley contributes only a few songs to this album, but all are instant classics: 'Birthday Boy' opens with the brilliant image: "Which one's the birthday boy / She aid I ain't got all night / What your mamma name ya / You can call me what you like". The song is full of gems like this: "Got a girlfriend don't ya boy / Nervous hands can't lie / Married men don't ask how much / Single ones ain't buying". 'Get Downtown' is another Cooley-penned track, and is the album's best song. It's irresistibly catchy, featuring some marvellous guitar/keyboard interplay. Possibly the most upbeat track the Drive-By Truckers have ever recorded. His 'Eyes Like Glue' ends the album strongly, and is the only one of these 13 tracks that hasn't been played live. Anyone yet to hear it will be impressed when they get a chance to listen, and based on the three Cooley-penned tracks here, the band's Record Store Day release Your Woman is a Living Thing will be fantastic.

Shonna Tucker's two contributions 'You Got Another' are fantastic ballads. 'You Got Another' is a song in the 'I'm Sorry Houston' mould, but is much better than its predecessor. It's a lovely slow-burning tune and contrasts sharply with the rest of the album. 'It's Gonna Be (I Told You So)' is even better. It's short, snappy and doesn't outstay its welcome - kind of like a rockier Stevie Nicks.

There's a few weak spots on the album. 'Drag the Lake Charlie' is great lyrically, but slows the mood down in the first half of the album. It probably would have fit in better in the second half. Similarly, 'The Wig He Made Her Wear' goes on for too long at nearly six minutes, and should have been cut from the album entirely.

However, the highpoints far outnumber the weak spots. Overall this is a marvellous album, and worthy of standing alongside Drive-By Truckers' finest records. Another fantastic release to add to an already wonderful catalogue. Bring on Go-Go Boots...

Album News: Reader's Wives - Victor's Mother Juliet EP

Reader's Wives are set to release their second EP, Victor's Mother Juliet, on Monday 15th of March. It's the follow-up to their wonderful debut EP, Secrecy and Sex. I've had the chance to hear it, and it's even better than the first. A marvellous slice of Irish indie, marking the band out as one to watch for the future. They're playing Dublin Rocks at Twisted Pepper in May, so if you're around, head on down. Before that though, have a listen to the title track below.

Keep and eye on the brilliant Irish music blog 2UIBestow all next week for some special treats from Reader's Wives.

Upcoming dates:
Fri 9th Apr 2010 - Phantom First Friday @ The Academy
€10 after 11pm
Tue 13th May 2010 - Dublin Rocks Festival
Tue 24th Aug 2010 - Ruby Sessions
Fri 27th Aug 2010 - Reader's Wives Headliner @ Whelan's

Watch 'Victor's Mother Juliet':

Setlist: Lynyrd Skynyrd, O2 Dublin, 10 March 2010

Country-rock stalwarts Lynyrd Skynyrd were at the O2 in Dublin on Wednesday night where they played a whole heap of classic tunes, ending the main set with 'Sweet Home Alabama', and then pleasing all those of you (us) who shout 'Freebird' at every gig, regardless of who is playing. All together now......"Freeeeeebird!"

1. Skynyrd Nation
2. What's Your Name
3. Gimme Back My Bullets > Simple Life
4. I Know A Little
5. That Smell
6. Simple Man
7. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
8. Down South Jukin'
9. The Needle And The Spoon
10. Tuesday's Gone
11. God & Guns
12. Still Unbroken
13. Gimme Three Steps
14. Call Me The Breeze
15. Sweet Home Alabama
16. Free Bird

Watch 'Sweet Home Alabama' from Wednesday night's gig:

Album News: Jeff Beck - Emotion and Commotion

A new Jeff Beck album would be blogworthy by itself, but when it features our very own Imelda May, it makes it even more interesting. The legendary guitarist returns with his new record, Emotion and Commotion, April 13th on Atco Records. He selected a bunch of musicians to play alongside him on the album, including a 64 piece orchestra. The first single, 'I Put A Spell On You' has Joss Stone on vocals and is out now.

1. Corpus Christi Carol
2. Hammerhead
3. Never Alone
4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
5. I Put A Spell On You (featuring Joss Stone)
6. Serene
7. Lilac Wine (featuring Imelda May)
8. Nessun Dorma
9. There’s No Other Me (featuring Joss Stone)
10.Elegy For Dunkirk (featuring Olivia Safe)

Watch Jeff and Imelda covering 'Lilac Wine' live last year:

Setlist: Tom McRae, Dolan's, 10 March 2010

I remember when Tom McRae first came on the scene with his enchanting debut. I was a huge fan, but for me, nothing of his since has lived up to that first record. Luckily, I'm one of the only ones to think that, and Tom is still gigging and recording goodo. He stopped off in Dolan's in Limerick as part of his current tour, and the lovely Elaine reviewed it over at Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff.

Alphabet of Hurricanes
Me and Stetson
Karaoke Soul
Summer of John Wayne
End of the World News (Dose Me Up)
American Spirit
A&B Song
For The Restless
One Mississippi
Still Love You
Walking 2 Hawaii
Silent Boulevard
Boy With the Bubblegun

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Download: Justin Townes Earle - Atlantic City

Justin Townes Earle brought out a special guest to perform during the encore at his gig at the Arts Center in Carrboro, North Carolina on Tuesday night. Joe Pug came out to duet on a fantastic cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Atlantic City'. You can download the song, as well as the full show below.

Disc 1 - (48:50)

1. Poor Fool
2. They Killed John Henry
3. Halfway To Jackson
4. I Don't Care
5. What Do You Do When You're Lonesome
6. Mamas Eyes
7. Boy Keep Movin'
8. What I Mean To You
9. Someday I'll Be Forgiven For This
10. Ain't Waitin'
11. A Wanderin'
12. chatter - Mance Lipscomb
13. So Different Blues (Mance Lipscomb)
14. chatter - Lightning Hopkins
15. Starter Won't Start (Lightning Hopkins)

Disc 2 - (46:46)

1. chatter - The Door Had Healthcare
2. Hard Livin'
3. Ain't Glad I'm Leavin'
4. Lone Pine Hill
5. Workin' For The MTA
6. Mama I'm Coming Home
7. Can't Hardly Wait (For Chris Feinstein) (Replacements)
8. Midnight At The Movies
9. encore
10. Yuma
11. chatter - Joe Pug intro
12. Atlantic City* (Bruce Springsteen)
13. Close Up The Honky Tonks (Buck Owens)

*=with Joe Pug

Justin Townes Earle - 'Atlantic City' (ft. Joe Pug)

Full Show

Album Cover: The National - High Violet

The National release the follow-up to the wonderful Boxer on the 11th of May. It's called High Violet, and hopefully continues the run of great albums from the Brooklyn band.

They performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night, playing lead single 'Terrible Love' and 'Blood Buzz Ohio' (which unfortunately wasn't shown). However, have a look at 'Terrible Love' below. There isn't a tracklist for the album yet, but expect both of those songs to appear when it's announced.

Watch The National 'Terrible Love' live:

Interview: James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow

Superb Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow has just released his debut album Early in the Morning to much critical acclaim. One reviewer even referred to it as "the best album to come out of Ireland in a decade" or somesuch (read that full review here). He's about to embark on yet more tour dates around Ireland including the Kilkenny Roots Festival, and took some time out to talk about playing solo, his influences - both musical and literary, learning to play a variety of instruments, as well as his music being featured on American television shows.

How did you start in music?
I started playing drums when I was around 17, a lot of my friends were in bands and there weren't many drummers about. Didn't play in many bands in the end, rehearsed with a lot, but got quite frustrated, everyone wanted to sit around and talk about making music, I just wanted to make music!

Is that why you chose to go it alone? No constraints of being in a band?
I think so. it wasn't a conscious thing, I've always just enjoyed my own company, and when you're working with other musicians ideas inevitably change and become diluted. By learning all the instruments myself, it meant that whatever i eventually came up with would be 100% mine, for better or for worse.

Was it a conscious decision to learn a variety of instruments, or just something that happened?
I think it was just the challenge of it, I have quite a strong competitive streak, I'd look at musicians like Sufjan Stevens, who was essentially writing, recording, and playing almost everything on his records, and it just inspired me so much, I'd sit there day after day, learning everything I possibly could.

Obviously he's a big influence, but who else influences you?
i mean my favourite bands on the planet are the national and band of horses, it's so rare to hear bands that can do skyscraping epic music, but without it being overblown and lacking sentiment. Also bands like Bowerbirds, The Antlers, people like Joanna Newsom and Bonnie Prince Billy, musicians who are constantly testing the limits of their own writing. I read a lot of books, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck. I think the theme that runs through everything that inspires me is incredibly dense imagery.

How did the album come about?
I think it initially came about due to frustration. I tried to make a record in London with a really great engineer friend of mine, and after 2 weeks we had about 2 drum tracks recorded! i just wasn't enjoying the music i was making, it wasn't what i wanted to do, and the studio environment just wasn't for me. so i moved back to ireland, sat down and thought about the type of music i love, and what i actually wanted to say with a first record. Making music on my own in a room is exactly how i got started, so i figured if i was ever going to figure it out, i would probably be by going back to that.

You camped out in a house in Drogheda by the sea, which has been mentioned a lot in reviews of the album - and brought a lot of comparisons to Bon Iver's cabin in the woods story - do you feel the comparison is accurate?
Well, the house I made my record in is inextricably linked to how the record sounds, and the house he made his record in is inextricably linked to his albums sound also, so the comparison on that level is inevitable I guess. They're both rustic loose records as well. But his is about the breakdown of a relationship, mine is a document of the journey I've been on for the last 2 years, so on that level they are completely unique things.

Do you pay much heed to reviews in the media?
Not really, or at least I try not to. Music is such a subjective thing, the amount of reviews I've read of albums that have either said they were the greatest thing since the sliced pan, or the worst thing since the unsliced pan, I've sought out the records in question, and completely disagreed with the reviewer. I am proud of the thing that I have made, it's out in the world now, and everyone is free to say whatever they'd like about it really. I'm just happy it's out!

How have the songs progressed to a live setting?
Well, because the record is very much not a solo singer/songwriter record, I was fixated on putting together a big group of musicians to help me properly articulate that live. But I was having trouble finding anyone right, so I started playing the songs just myself and my nylon string guitar, and it started to really click for me in a way that me and my guitar never did before. I'm finding new paths through the songs, it's actually really exciting for me. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to find musicians to help me make it sing like the record does, but right now this is working quite nicely!

Your songs have been featured in Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill in the US, and you've appeared on Other Voices and the View over here. Do you feel TV helps your exposure to new listeners?
Yeah, I think its incredibly important, especially in the initial stages when you're putting your record out independently like I am. I mean I have no budget for promotion or radio luggers, so getting a song in a tv show can in one fell swoop get you into 10 million people's homes, that pretty big for me! The response I've gotten from the few things I've been lucky enough to get into has been immense. I think it's a balancing act when it comes to that kind of thing too though, pick and choose wisely, I've made a record, it's a collective piece of work, and I want that to be what people are talking about, not 1 song I had played for 2 minutes in a massive tv show.

Early in the Morning is out now.

More info:

Tour dates:
12 March - Sugar Club, Dublin
18 March - Roisin Dubh, Galway
19 March - Auntie Annies, Belfast
2 May - Kilkenny Roots Festival
3 May - Kilkenny Roots Festival

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live Review: Dave Matthews Band, O2 Dublin, 9 March 2010

Dave Matthews Band stopped off at the O2 in Dublin on their 2010 European Tour, in support of their latest album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King. While a massive name in the United States, Dave Matthews and the band of his name are not a household name on this side of the pond. They came to promote their new album, as well as play some of their hits. Thus the setlist for last night's show was somewhat similar to most of the rest of the dates they have played this month and last in Europe.

Unreleased track 'Sugar Will' had returned in full for two England dates, but was sadly absent last night. I had hoped to hear that more than anything, as I knew there wouldn't be too many surprises in the set. For instance, Ireland will probably never get a 'Dreaming Tree' or even a 'You Never Know'. 'Bartender' opened the show last night - a show which lasted three hours in total - and was a fine extended version of the tune. It set the tone for the gig, and was much better than how they opened their Amsterdam concert last week, where they began with six successive songs from the new album.

'Stay or Leave' is from Dave Matthews' excellent solo album Some Devil, and sounds great in a full-band environment. It becomes a much bigger song, and greatly benefits from Tim Reynolds' guitarwork. Although the segue from 'Bartender' could have been worked a bit better. Still a great tune. Then the new stuff started. This is not a complaint though. It's what you expect from every band, and since Big Whiskey is their best since Busted Stuff, it's so much better to hear the new songs than to hear some of Everyday or Stand Up's many mediocre tunes.

'Funny the Way It Is' was a really catchy single, and provided some fine singalong moments from the members of the audience who knew the words (the O2 was a little over half-full last night). 'Squirm' is a nice dirty tune, and works great live. 'Shake Me Like a Monkey' and 'Lying in the Hands of God' are also from the new album, and were decent, if not amazing.

At the 2007 DMB show at the Point Theatre (to any non-Irish reading this, the O2 is the revamped Point Theatre, just with a new name), we got a solo acoustic version of 'Gravedigger', so although this was a repeat for the venue, it was a much different, and improved, song. Anyone who was also at the sold-out Dave & Tim show at the National Stadium that same year, would have heard a duet of 'Gravedigger', making three different versions of the same song.

'Anyone Seen the Bridge' into the fake 'Too Much' into 'Ants Marching' was definitely expected, but not disappointing, as we got to hear a full length 'Too Much' last time around. 'Ants Marching' wasn't all that different from 2007, but it's always a highlight, as it's one of the band's best loved songs.

'#27' made its tour debut (although now I see it's being called 'Arms of a Woman'), and was a totally new song for the Irish audience. It's not on any studio albums, so wasn't as well known as some of the others. A little treat for the Dublin crowd perhaps? 'Seven' is a great track from the new album, with a fine groove, and helped get the crowd dancing. Many in attendance would not have been hardcore fans, but Dave Matthews Band definitely won them over.

This was my first time hearing 'The Stone' (I also saw DMB on the 5th of August 2006 in New York at Randall's Island), and it was amazing. Definitely one of the highlights for me. Violinist Boyd Tinsley shone on this one - he's a member who has gotten a lot of stick recently, but really grabs his chance. 'Crash into Me' was played by Dave & Tim, but amazingly not at the last full band show, so this was an easy crowd favourite. It was also the Point's first experience of 'Crush' from Before These Crowded Streets, one of my favourite DMB tunes, and a gorgeous song live.

'Where Are You Going?' had the crowd in liveliest vocal form, as most of the crowd here knew it. It's another song written off by fans who've heard it many times over in the US, but it sounded great on its Irish debut last night. I must say I screamed the lyrics. 'Why I Am' is one of my favourite new tunes, and a lovely tribute to band member LeRoi Moore (who sadly died in 2008). It was followed by another new song, the single 'You and Me', which sounded quite sweet - and perhaps became a future wedding song for some of the couples in the audience.

'You Might Die Trying' is one of the few songs from the awful Stand Up that has stuck around, and it has been vastly improved on stage. It's so much funkier than before, and kept the mood high, before the legendary cover 'All Along the Watchtower' closed the main set. It was another Irish debut, and one that most of the crowd knew. It ended the main set brilliantly, and left the audience gagging for more.

As the show headed for its 11:00 p.m. curfew, the band ran out of time to play an extended encore. Still, it was infinitely better than the 'Sister', 'Stay', 'Smooth Rider' car crash of an encore I saw in New York in 2006 (that main set was incredible though, featuring Bela Fleck & the Flecktones). Allegedly 'Spaceman' and 'Dive In' from the new album as well as classics 'Two Step' and 'Grey Street' had to be cut from the setlist, which is a major pity.

Instead we got 'Baby Blue' solo and then 'CornBread' to end a marvellous night. 'CornBread' wasn't the ideal last song, but it is somewhat worthy, and has improved greatly since 2007.

A fantastic show, where the band played their hearts out, and surely won over many more converts. However, I suggest somewhere like Vicar Street, the Ambassador, or perhaps the new Grand Canal Theatre may be a better venue next time around, where the band is sure to sell 100% of the tickets available.

Watch 'Gravedigger' from last night's O2 show:

Live: Simply Red at the O2

Simply Red brings his Farewell: The Final Tour to Ireland north and south this year, as he plays the O2 in Dublin and the Odyssey in Befast. The "Farewell" of the title doesn't mean Mick Hucknall is giving up music, but rather the Simply Red name. He aims to pursue a solo career under his own moniker. He released the album Tribute to Bobby in 2008 as "Hucknall", but released ten studio albums in 25 years as Simply Red. Expect to hear all the hits when he arrives in Ireland for his final farewell.

He plays the O2 Dublin on November 7th and the Odyssey on November 8th, with tickets on sale next Friday, March 19th.

Watch 'Stars' live:

Album Cover: She & Him - Volume 2

That fantastically clever picture above is the album cover for the new She & Him album, Volume Two, which is less than two weeks away. In case you don't know, She & Him is a collaboration between Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward - she's the She, and he's the Him.

01 Thieves
02 In the Sun [ft. Tilly and the Wall]
03 Don't Look Back
04 Ridin' in My Car (NRBQ cover)
05 Lingering Still
06 Me and You
07 Gonna Get Along Without You Now (Skeeter Davis cover)
08 Home
09 I'm Gonna Make It Better
10 Sing
11 Over It Over Again
12 Brand New Shoes
13 If You Can't Sleep

When you're finished swooning over the album cover art, have a look at the official video for their new single 'In the Sun':

Album News: Stars - The Five Ghosts

Canadian indie kids Stars release their fifth album, The Five Ghosts on June 22nd. Frontwoman Amy Millan said that the album was totally a joint-effort from the beginning: "We have never written an album with this much cohesion and unity. It is the first time we've had the luxury of being together in a huge room writing songs off the floor." Each of the five band members contributed in the writing process, and you can get a sneak peak of the making of the album below...

01 Dead Hearts
02 Wasted Daylight
03 I Died So I Could Haunt You
04 Fixed
05 We Don't Want Your Body
06 He Dreams He's Awake
07 Never Been Good With Change
08 The Passenger
09 The Last Song Ever Written
10 How Much More
11 Winter Bones

Watch 'The Making of':

Live: Faithless at the Olympia

I can't get no sleep.... Thinking about the fact that British dance legends Faithless are coming to the Olympia Theatre on Wednesday, 19th May 2010. It'll be a great chance to see Rollo, Sister Bliss, and Maxi Jazz on these shores. They will be promoting their new album The Dance, which is due for release on May 17th, with lead single 'Not Going Home' due May 3rd.

Tickets from €44.20 including booking fee go on sale this Friday, March 12th.

Watch 'Insomnia' at Glastonbury 2002:

Watch: Imelda May Vodafone iPhone Launch

Fresh from her Grammy's performance with Jeff Beck (who needs the Meteors, eh?), Imelda May was drafted in to perform at Vodafone's slick launch of the iPhone. That's right, those of you who refused to sign with that other network, now get the chance to get an iPhone of your own on Vodafone.

Imelda is one of the best Irish artists at the moment, and was a great choice for a launch artist (much better than having Sarah Kavanagh and the like in St. Stephen's Green in nothing more than a bikini). There's two videos to check out, involving a chat with Imelda as well as some fine tunes.

P.S. I didn't get a free iPhone for talking about this, but if one comes in the mail, I wouldn't send it back!

Video 1:

Video 2:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Setlist: Dave Matthews Band, O2, 9 March 2010

Expect a full review of the gig tomorrow. The show saw the first Irish appearance of many songs from new album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King as well as the Dublin debut of 'The Stone' from Before These Crowded Streets

Stay or Leave
Funny The Way It Is
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Lying In The Hands Of God
Anyone Seen The Bridge >
Too Much >
Ants Marching
#27 (Arms of a Woman)
The Stone
Crash Into Me
Where Are You Going?
Why I Am
You And Me
You Might Die Trying
All Along the Watchtower
Baby Blue
Corn Bread

Live: Eli Paperboy Reed at the Academy

Soul singer Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The Trueloves are returning to Ireland to play The Academy on Wednesday 19 May. They released Come and Get It last year to great acclaim, and won MOJO Magazine's Breakthrough Act of the Year. Definitely one to check out. Tickets for the show cost €16, and are on sale now.

Watch Eli on Jools Holland:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Setlist: Danny and the Champions of the World, Dolan's, 6 March 2010

Danny and the Champions of the World did a fine job supporting Fionn Regan at Dolan's on Saturday night, and are definitely one to watch. Their debut album, Streets of Our Time came out in January, and is a fine record in the 70s folk mould. You should check it out.

Henry the Van
Restless Feet
Lose These Rags
Red Tree Song
These Days
Follow the Rive

Setlist: Fionn Regan, Dolans, 6 March 2010

Fionn Regan played a fine mix of songs new and old, but it was some of the material from his new album The Shadow of an Empire that shone through at Dolan's in Limerick on Saturday night. Thanks to IndieLimerick for the setlist.

Hey Rabbit
House Detective
Coat Hook
Lines Written In Winter
The Underwood Typewriter
Put A Penny In The Slot
Violent Demeanour
Hunters Map
Protection Racket
Genocide Matinee
Lord Help My Poor Soul
Little Nancy
Be Good Or Be Gone

Watch 'Coat Hook' live on Saturday night:

Live: Arcade Fire, Fatboy Slim at Oxegen 2010

Two new major acts were added to the Oxegen line-up today. Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire are sure to be a major draw, and many dance fans will be excited to see the return to Ireland of DJ Fatboy Slim.

They'll be joining the following line-up:
Eminem, Muse, Jay-Z, The Black Eyed Peas, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Florence + The Machine, Paolo Nutini, Faithless, Stereophonics, David Guetta, Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, Hot Chip, Calvin Harris, Newton Faulkner, Gossip, The Temper Trap, Empire Of The Sun, Goldfrapp, La Roux, Wolfmother, Rise Against, The Coral, Broken Social Scene, Ellie Goulding, Two Door Cinema Club, Armand Van Helden, Steve Angello, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, and Aeroplane.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9 a.m. This year sees the arrival of flexible payments, where you can pay €120 up front, and then the rest by April 30th.

Watch 'Rebellion (Lies)' live on Letterman: