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Friday, June 19, 2009

Stream: The Duckworth Lewis Method clips

The Duckworth Lewis Method

Sixteen days to go. Howzat? The Duckworth Lewis Method's self-titled debut album will be released on July 6th 2009.

1. The Coin Toss 1:08
2. The Age of Revolution 3:56
3. Gentlemen and Players 3:18
4. The Sweet Spot 3:06
5. Jiggery Pokery 3:23
6. Mason on the Boundary 4:22
7. Rain Stops Play 1:13
8. Meeting Mr Miandad 3:12
9. The Nightwatchman 4:49
10. Flatten the Hay 4:18
11. Test Match Special 4:02
12. The End of the Over 2:50

Stream here:

List: Jason Isbell's Top 10 tracks to come from Muscle Shoals

In today's Guardian Film and Music supplement, Jason Isbell lists his favourite ten albums to come from his home of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. These are ten songs recorded there, so the list features both Americans and Brits, and even has some Rod Stewart. And remember, Jason is playing Whelan's tomorrow night. Woo!

Read the full list here:

Live: Neil Young at the O2 Stage Times

Legendary rocker Neil Young will be playing Dublin's O2 this Sunday. Get your hands on Archives, Volume 1 yet? I have and it's incredible. Can't wait til 2019 for Volume 2!

Support comes from Conor O'Brien's excellent Villagers. There are still a small number of tickets left for the show too.

18.30 - Doors Open
19.30 - The Villagers
20.30 - Neil Young
22.30 - End

Watch 'Hey Hey, My My' from last year's Malahide Castle show:

Album News: Air - Love 2

Air are set to release their new album Love 2 on October 6th. The French band are also producing their new album, before they return to touring next year. Moon Safari, from which the above picture is an alternative album cover, is a wonderful album, and hopefully this will match up.

‘Do The Joy’
‘So Light Is Her Footfall’
‘Be A Bee’
‘Missing The Light Of The Day’
‘Tropical Disease’
‘Heaven's Light’
‘Night Hunter’
‘Sing Sang Sung’
‘Eat My Beat’
‘You Can Tell It To Everybody’
‘African Velvet’

Watch: The Dead Weather - Will There Be Enough Water?

Jack White's new sideproject is currently touring the States, and have brought out the really big guns with this song. It's absolutely amazing.

Watch The Dead Weather- 'Will There Be Enough Water?':

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Download: Patterson Hood - I Understand Now

Song from Patterson Hood's upcoming album Murdering Oscar and Other Stories which will be released next week. Patterson is one of the singers in the Drive-By Truckers and this is his second album. Speaking of DBT, former Trucker Jason Isbell will be playing Whelan's on Saturday. I'll be there. I'd highly recommend it.

Patterson Hood - 'I Understand Now'

Live: Grizzly Bear at Vicar Street

What do you do when you've made one of the best albums of the year? Tour it, of course. So without much further ado, Veckatimest creators Grizzly Bear come to Vicar Street in Dublin on November 1st.

Tickets are €22 and go on sale tomorrow.

Watch 'Knife':

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Download: Henrietta Game - Running out of time

Henrietta Game are an upcoming Irish band, who feature the most beautiful harmonies I've heard in local music since Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan teamed up. Peter over at 2UIBestow has them lined up for his second 2uibestow Sessions in Boyle's, Slane, Co. Meath, and they're sure to put on a fantastic show. They'll be performing alongside Bill Coleman, Arrow In The Sky, and Mickael Lenel. The gig is free and takes place on July 3rd.

Henrietta Game - 'Running Out of Time'

More info:

Album News: Fight Like Apes - Mystery Special Edition

Fight Like Apes will be re-releasing their debut album And the Mystery of the Golden Medallion on July 17th. Not huge news in itself, as everyone should already have a copy of this stellar record. But it will be accompanied by a bonus disc of B-Sides and Remixes. This will include the brilliant 'Canhead' and Richie (Jape) Egan's remix of 'Battlestations'. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Bonus Disc tracklist:
'Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues'
'Telephone The Real Ham Jackson'
'This Is Like The Time Jody Didn’t Know What Cunnilingus Was'
'Snore Bore Whore (Spherical Mix)'
'Battlestations (Jape Remix)'.

Good news is that you can also get the bonus disc as a standalone purchase too. Although, having one copy of the album for home and one for the car could be a good idea either.

More info:

'Something Global':

Album News: Holy Roman Army

Great news, after being put back last month, the excellent Holy Roman Army album How the Light Gets In is due for release later this month on June 26th. It'll be released on their own Collapsed Adult label and is available from Road Records among others.

The album itself is an enchanting record full of songs that improve with each listen. 'Stagger Gently Home' is a wonderful highlight, and is one of the best Irish songs of 2009.

Watch 'Dublin in the Daylight':

More info:

Blogs What I Like: Culch.ie

My first ever post as a contributor to Culch.ie, I'll be doing a weekly book column on Tuesdays over there.

Check it out here:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stream: Richard Hawley - Truelove's Gutter

Richard Hawley

Possible Album of the Year contender, woo woo! Truelove's Gutter is Richard Hawley's sixth album, and is to be released on September 21st on Mute Records. It's three songs shorter than all of his other albums, but comes in longer overall at 51:05. Apparently two songs are about 10 minutes long.

Here's a little snippet from the press (hell yeah!):

Arrangements on Truelove’s Gutter occasionally feature some truly uncommon instrumentation, such as the megabass waterphone and crystal baschet. “I use a load of odd sounds on this album that are not heard on many other records,” says Richard. “The sounds in my head on a lot of the tracks - I didn’t even know what they were called!”

Eccentric instruments notwithstanding, the lush but minimal production provides a haunting backdrop to Hawley’s unique voice and allows him plenty of space for some outstandingly beautiful guitar solos. “I wanted it to be a listening experience from start to finish, where you couldn’t just pause it and go off and watch Coronation Street or whatever,” explains Hawley. “Sonically, it flows. It’s not jumping all over the place. It just has a mood that goes through the whole thing.”

Thematically his darkest work to date, Truelove’s Gutter explores the idea of people or things that are broken in some way, and the fractured and damaged times in which we live, to which Hawley’s lyrics give profound attestation.

As The Dawn Breaks
Open Up The Door
Ashes on The Fire
Remorse Code
Don’t Get Hung Up in your Soul
Soldier On
For Your Lover, Give Some Time
Don’t You Cry

Stream: Regina Spektor - Far

Regina Spektor - Far album cover art

Far is the new album from Regina Spektor, and will be released next week in the US, and this Friday here. Until then, you can stream the album in full on Times Online's arts page.

1. "The Calculation" – 3:13
2. "Eet" – 3:54
3. "Blue Lips" – 3:34
4. "Folding Chair" – 3:35
5. "Machine" – 3:51
6. "Laughing With" – 3:18
7. "Human of the Year" – 4:12
8. "Two Birds" – 3:23
9. "Dance Anthem of the 80s" – 3:44
10. "Genius Next Door" – 5:10
11. "Wallet" – 2:30
12. "One More Time with Feeling" – 4:03
13. "Man of a Thousand Faces" – 3:12


They've also profiled her here:

Live: Brad Mehldau Trio at Vicar Street

Brad Mehldau brings his Trio back to Dublin to play some excellent covers as well as his own material. The Trio play Vicar Street on October 17th, and cost €37.50. They're on sale now. It's a show definitely worth seeing.

Listen to his 'Paranoid Android' cover. It's incredible:

Live: Oasis at Slane stage times

If you're driving to Slane, you'll probably need to set off early as I'd say the traffic will be quite heavy. Car parks open at 12, so you can queue up before the gates open at 2. If you're there early, be sure to get a wristband for the pit up the front before they're all taken.

Dublin bus is also running shuttles from Parnell Square West every 20 minutes from 9. Tickets are €20 for the return trip.

20.30 OASIS

And here's some directions if you're heading from Dublin:

View Larger Map

Monday, June 15, 2009

Watch: Duckworth Lewis Method - Blackcab Sessions

I cannot wait for the Duckworth Lewis Method album. It's Neil Hannon's new pet project, and is cricket influenced. Very heavily cricket influenced. Anyone who follows me on twitter will see that I've mentioned the brilliant Twenty20 World Cup a hell of a lot, so I'm loving these songs and this band.

Watch: http://vimeo.com/5078608?pg=embed&sec=

Live: Faith No More at the Olympia Theatre

There are lots of pointless reunion tours. Then there are some so-so ones. Then there's ones that merit spending a few euro on to go and see. Faith No More are definitely worth seeing. They'll be playing Dublin's Olympia Theatre on Thursday 27th of August.

Tickets are priced €54.50 and €59.50 and are on sale now.

Here they are playing 'Be Aggressive' last weekend at the Download Festival in Donnington Park, UK:

Setlist: Def Leppard, O2 Dublin, 12 June 2009

What has seven arms and sucks? Well they didn't suck on Friday night, they were rocking as hard as ever. (Or was it nine arms?)

C'mon C'mon
Make Live like a man
Too late for love
Nine Lives
Love bites
Rock on
Two steps behind
Bringing on the heartbreak
Switch 625
Armageddon It
Pour some sugar on me
Rock of ages
When love and hate collide
Lets get rocked

Watch 'Rock of Ages' from the O2 Dublin:

Setlist: Journey, O2 Dublin, 12 June 2009

One of the openers for Def Leppard at the O2 in Dublin on Friday night. They delighted all their fans by playing the classics.

Separate Ways
Stone in Love
Ask the Lonely
Change for the Better
DD Harp
Wheel in the Sky
Wildest Dream
Don't Stop Believin'
Anyway You Want It

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Setlist: Manic Street Preachers, Olympia Theatre, 4 June 2009

Two part set to this one, first their new album Journal for Plague Lovers, and then a collection of greatest hits. And a damn fine setlist it is. Sorry for the delay posting this one.

But there are three excellent reviews of it, here:
and here:
and here:

Peeled Apples
Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
Me and Stephen Hawking
This Joke Sport Severed
Journal For Plague Lovers
She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach
Facing Page Top Left
Marlon JD
Doors Closing Slowly
All Is Vanity
Pretension / Repulsion
Virginia State Epileptic Colony
William's Last Words
Motorcycle Emptiness
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
No Surface All Feeling
Sorrow 16
La Tristessa Durera
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
Little Baby Nothing
Ocean Spray
You Stole The Sun From My Heart
Stop In The Name Of Love / Motown Junk
You Love Us
A Design For Life

Watch 'La Tristesa Durera':

Setlist: Julie Feeney, CrawDaddy, 10 June 2009

Promoting her new album Pages. C has a little tiny review and a photo of the setlist here:

UPDATE: Full review here:

Jammy git!

Hiho - Julie a capella
You Broke The Magic
Wind Out Of My Sails
The Reaper
Aching (with Harmonium)
Nothing To Declare
Valentine's Song
Mr Roving Eye Guy
Life's Nudge
Knock Knock
One More Tune
Love Is A Tricky Thing
Impossibly Beautiful

2nd Encore:
One More Tune

Watch: Drive-By Truckers - Daddy Learned to Fly

New song being roadtested by the Drive-By Truckers that may well appear on their new album which is likely to be released in 2010. After the B-Sides/Rarities collection The Fine Print, due out September.

Watch 'Daddy Learned to Fly':

Download: Dave Matthews Band - Shake Me Like A Monkey live

Another new song, taped and uploaded by Drew this time. Played for the first time last night at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (or SPAC as they call it). It appeared alongside 7 other tunes from the new album Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.

Dave Matthews Band - 'Shake Me Like A Monkey' (live 06.12.2009)

Also, Jason's source:
Dave Matthews Band - 'Shake Me Like A Monkey' (live 06.12.2009)

The breakdown section needs much more work live, but I can't wait to see how this develops jam-wise.

Setlist: Take That, Croke Park, Dublin, 13 June 2009

The show ended barely two hours ago, but my lovely other half was in attendance, and she loved it. Says the theatrics were only amazing. Their Circus Tour is a million times better than Britney's. I'll have more info and maybe even do a little review of the show tomorrow.

(Pic courtesy of Gav Reilly - the stage being set up yesterday)


Greatest Day
Could it be Magic
A Million Love Songs
Back For Good
the Garden
Up All Night
Wooden Boat
How Did It Come to This
Love Ain't Here Any More > Babe > Nobody Else (medley)
The Circus
What is Love
Do What You Like > It Only Takes a Minute > Take That and Party (medley)
Said It All
Never Forget
Relight My Fire
Hold Up A Light
Rule The World