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Friday, January 2, 2009

Tracklist: U2 - No Line on the Horizon

U2 No Line on the Horizon Q Magazine

Perhaps this might be the right order, here's the confirmed tracks from Q Magazine for the new U2 record, No Line on the Horizon:
1. "Stand Up"
2. "Magnificent"
3. "Get Your Boots On"
4. "Moment of Surrender"
5. "Unknown Caller"
6. "No Line on the Horizon"
7. "Crazy Tonight"
8. "Every Breaking Wave"
9. "Breathe"
10. "Winter"
11. "The Cedars of Lebanon"

And perhaps there will be room for two other rumoured tracks:
"For Your Love"

Please note: 'Stand Up' has nothing to do with the disappointing Dave Matthews Band album or song of the same name!


Jimmy Jangles said...

SWINP - you reckon this is definitely it then?

Ronan said...

Can't say for certain, as you know what U2 are like with albums. But it's likely this is it.