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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Download: South Ambulance - Dear Mutiny

South Ambulance - Ep#5

Sweden's South Ambulance have just released EP#5, which is available on Indiecater Records for the cheap-cheap (like the bird) price of €2.50. How could you pass up an offer like that? If you don't know them, I've an mp3 of one of the tracks from the record, 'Dear Mutiny' to download.

1) Dear Mutiny
2) They Stick Together
3) What The Doctor Said
4) The Stay Away
5) Circling With Thee
6) Rabid Ghost

South Ambulance - 'Dear Mutiny'

Stream/Buy/More info:

And while we're talking of Mutinies, has anyone read John Boyne's novel Mutiny on the Bounty or the new one that's in the charts at the moment? I'm wondering are they worth getting.

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