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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Download: Sean Bones - Dancehall

Sean Bones - Rings

Summer is the perfect time for indiepop. It's the perfect genre to counterbalance all those sunshine-sweet girlband tunes that fill the airwaves. Oh and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry too. Sean Bones is set to release Rings at the highpoint of summer on July 21st (a month too late for summer solstice, but July is usually warmer anyhow, right?). It's a bit like Vampire Weekend with a little Police thrown into the mix. See, perfect for the sunshine.

01 Easy Street
02 Cry Cry Cry
03 Coco
04 Act So Casual
05 Sugar In My Spoon
06 Instigator
07 Smoke Rings
08 Visions
09 Dancehall
10 Captain Tying Knots
11 Turn Them

Sean Bones - 'Dancehall'

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