Swear I'm not Paul: Review & Setlist: Goldfrapp - Tripod, Dublin, 7 November 2008

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Review & Setlist: Goldfrapp - Tripod, Dublin, 7 November 2008

Goldfrapp at Tripod

With three wonderful gigs on last night in Dublin, it was difficult to decide which to attend. I have a feeling the other two shows were packed to the rafters, so if you have a setlist from either Fleet Foxes or Okkervil River, please let me know. Goldfrapp's setlist was a little short unfortunately, but packed many punches including new song 'Clowns'. An interesting non-musical intervention occured when an unknowing member of the audience took a photo Alison, with flash on, and she glared at him for doing so. Quite amusing, and as it happened during opener 'Paper Bag', I was worried she'd be stroppy, however, she was brilliant throughout, and warmly encouraged the crowd. She saved the best for last, and 'Black Cherry' during the encore was simply amazing.

Paper Bag
You Never Know
Satin Chic
Eat Yourself
Little Bird
Number One
Ooh La La
Caravan Girl
Black Cherry
Strict Machine

Photo by Tig Guire, see more from the show here:

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