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Friday, February 13, 2009

Live: Nick Cave and more at Oxegen 2009

Fantastic news for fans who gambled on the roulette of buying early bird tickets for Oxegen 2009, because some damn good acts have been added to the lineup for this year's festival.

Razorlight, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Pete Doherty, Elbow, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Ting Tings, White Lies, Fight Like Apes, Pendulum and Jason Mraz have all been added to the bill (no individual days confirmed yet).

It will be Pete Doherty solo rather than with Babyshambles, so that should be a treat for Irish fans of his (and Pat Kenny). Hopefully Fight Like Apes will play on the main stage as the token Irish act, and as a result gather a few new followers - the ones who never leave the pit all day.

But that's still months away. For now, watch Alan Carr and Lily Allen doing their take on the Cadbury ad:

Unfortunately I can't embed this, but it really is worth the click-through.


B said...

ah for f*ck sake
it better improve the lineup hugely or ditch nick cave for my sake now

Lottie said...

The Ting Tings were one of the highlight of last year - I still buzz from it whenever I hear them on the radio. Hopefully they will be on the main stage as it was jam packed in the tent in 08.

Really excited about Nick Cave.