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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watch: Jaoquin Phoenix on Letterman

Interview with Letterman about Joaquin's recent move to music, and his upcoming music career. It's a harrowing watch, like Man on Wire, you don't know when exactly he's going to fall. Or a bit like Pat Kenny and Peter Doherty. (see above)

Do you believe he's moved to music? Is this real?

Here's another interview he did recently:


jothemama said...

I just read about this. It'sa stunt, to an extent,in that he's making an art film about it. I thik it's kid of method acting. I'm scared to watch!

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is some kind of a joke, as he's one of our favorite actors...and if he's really slipped like this truly, it's very sad!

Ronan said...

Yeah I heard about the Casey Affleck connection, but is it really a stunt? It's a very involving stunt if it is. Is he a method actor though? I do remember he went through a lot for Walk the Line, so it's possible.