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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TV Review: RTE International Soccer - Brazil v Italy

RTE Sport

Can anyone explain to me why oh why Irish broadcaster RTÉ wasted money on showing the international soccer friendly Italy vs Brazil from the Emirates Stadium in London last night? I get the idea that Italy are one of Ireland's opponents in the qualifiers for World Cup 2008, but friendlies usually are quite meaningless - just ask Martin O'Neill. This friendly however was a complete money spinner.

Did anyone in Ireland actually watch the game? I wonder what the viewership for this was. Probably not a patch on Fair City, and rightly so. Who doesn't love da' City? I only know of one person who watched this game, and all they could say was how the Irish analysts claimed that "on this evidence Italy wouldn't be too much of a challenge for Ireland". Well I hate to admit it, but Keith Andrews and Kevin Doyle are no Ronaldinho and Robinho.

RTÉ would have been much better off if they had have shown Ireland U-21s against Germany. The future of the Irish soccer team. Instead, we all flicked over to watch Boys and Girls Alone on Channel 4. Now there's an interesting show.


FP said...

Because they have no imagination and they're not really that interested in football? Never mind how much they spend on meaningless 'glamour' international friendlies.
How much do they spend on buying the English Premiership just so that we can have Irish accents in the commentary and, er, 'analysis'.

Ronan said...

Total waste of money. I'd love to see how much the match cost. Luckily Eamonn Dunphy is giving 10% of it back.