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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Album News: Fran Healy - Wreckorder

Fran Healy

Wreckorder is the debut solo album from Travis lead singer and songwriter Fran Healy. Travis's sheen has disappeared since their popularity in the late 90s. This is a good thing, as anyone who has stuck with them will tell you that their most recent albums Ode to J Smith and particlarly The Boy With No Name are their best work. So hopefully Fran Healy's solo album will be just as good.

There's not too much detail yet, but Healy has turned vegetarian in order to get Paul McCartney to play bass on one of the songs. There's also due to be a duet with Neko Case, and Tom from Noah and the Whale appears on violin.

No release date yet, but I'll let you know...


Michael said...

Macca? That's weird. Didn't think he'd have those kinds of connections any more. Maybe when Turn and Side came out.

IndieLimerick said...

Must say I stuck with the band through this so called rough period, There last album was brilliant dont know why it didnt work, I say them live two years ago and is in my top 5 of the best gigs i have ever witnessed, Such a great live band, Looking forward to hearing his solo work

Roxanne said...

to be fair, the going-vegie gesture was meant as a thank you gift to Paul after he played bass. It was not at all a condition or means in order to get Paul to play. :) Just thought it nice to clear up to maybe avoid making Fran look a little too desperate or Paul, a little too pompous, coz they're not. :)

Re: latest albums being the best, you're absolutely right! As a fan, I'd still occassionally feel frustrated how they lost their popularity when they're just incredibly good, but like you said, it's kind of better I guess this way. They're really more of a personal band after all, them Travis.

BTW, heard the Holiday sample- 1st single off wreckorder perhaps- hmmm.. not too psyched about it, but im still very much buying the album.

Ronan said...

Roxanne: Thanks for that fantastic post clearing everything up.

I'm still excited for this album, it should be great.