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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Album News: Josh Rouse - El Turista

Josh Rouse doesn't get as much love around these parts as that other Josh R, or even Josh G for that matter (Ritter and Groban, btw). He does deserve your attention though, as he has some fantastic tunes in his hefty back catalogue.

His new album, El Turista will be more Spanish influenced, and is due to be released on February 2nd. The song 'Valencia' will be known to some as it was on last year's Valencia EP.

1. Bienvenido
2. Duerme
3. Lemon Tree
4. Sweet Elaine
5. Mesie Julian
6. I Will Live on Islands
7. Valencia
8. Cotton Eye Joe
9. Las Voces
10. Don't Act Tough

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