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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Download: JJ - Let Go (from JJ No 3)

JJ No. 3 is the second album from Swedish indie-pop band jj and will be released on Secretly Canadian on March 9th. It's the follow-up to their excellent debut jj no 2, which I must say I confused with our own JJ72 more than once! (If you're wondering whatever happened to jj no. 1, it was the name of their first single.) They've made the first single 'let go', a free download, and you can grab the mp3 below.

1. "my life"
2. "and now"
3. "let go"
4. "into the light"
5. "light"
6. "voi parlate, io gioco"
7. "golden virginia"
8. "you know"
9. "i know" *
10. "no escapin' this"

JJ - 'Let Go'


Anonymous said...

Loved JJ no 2. Singles pretty good.

Beto said...


Ronan said...

You're welcome. Hopefully the album is as good.