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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Live: Feeder at the Academy

Feeder, one of my favourite bands as a teen (thank you Gran Turismo 1 Soundtrack), are returning to Ireland to play an intimate gig at the Academy. They're currently playing new music live, so expect to hear new songs as well as classic ones this summer.

They'll follow that up with the Academy show on August 19th, with tickets costing €30 on sale this Friday.

Watch Feeder live at Oxegen:


FitForNothing said...

There's been a lot on the web about this new single but someone somewhere has got their facts wrong. Feeder are playing the Academy but 'Turn' is a very old single and not a new one. It's off their 'Echo Park' album which was released on the same date in July but in 2001. Someone has Googled their facts and embarrassed themselves.

Feeder are currently in the middle of their 'Renegades' project where they are playing some pretty hot gigs with all new material and they are well worth checking out.

FitForNothing said...

They're also not playing Reading or Leeds! Sorry.

Ronan said...

It was in the press release. So whoever did the press for this really fucked up.

Will have to edit this post...

Thanks for the info.